Clinical Dosage Calculations: For Australia and New Zealand 1st Edition
Vanessa Brotto | Kate Rafferty
Clinical Dosage Calculations 2nd Edition
Vanessa Brotto | Kate Rafferty
ISBN-13: 9780170352659 | ISBN-10: 017035265X
© 2016 | Published |  292  Pages
Previous Editions: 2012

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Clinical Dosage Calculations is a local, full-colour text covering the important aspects of dosage calculations students require to deal with this essential part of clinical practice. An applied skills-focused text, Brotto uses real life cases, worked examples and real medication charts and labels to engage students. Starting with the fundamental skills to help students deal with mathematics and familiarise themselves with medication charts and labels, the text then moves on to specialist area chapters, allowing them to deepen their skills in a clinical context. Each chapter explains the main concepts and shows worked examples. Students can then engage in the activities of each chapter as an introduction to the concept before moving onto the final chapter where they can test their overall knowledge.

  • Part 1 Fundamental skills
    1. Basic mathematics
    2. Units of measurement
    3. Medication charts
    4. Using quality and risk management principles in dosage calculations
    5. General dosage calculations
    6. Infusion calculations

    Part II – Skills deepening
    7. Paediatric calculations
    8. Aged care calculations
    9. Midwifery calculations
    10. Mental health calculations
    11. Critical care and high dependency dosage calculations
    12. Oncology calculations

    Part III – Skills practice
    13. Practice questions
    14. Answers

    • Important national concepts/initiatives such as ‘Risk Management’ and ‘Quality Use of Medicines’ are introduced in terms of their application to performing dosage calculations
    • The ‘Ten steps for safe use of a medication chart’ ensures an overall systematic process for calculating doses and establishing which medicines are due/available to administer to a client
    • Tip for Students boxes provide helpful advice and suggestions to guide students through challenging areas
    • Formula boxes throughout the text and summarised on the inside covers help with student learning and revision.
    • Student companion website includes interactive quizzes, answers, web links and examples of medication charts used in the text to help students reinforce concepts and revise for their exams.
    • The text covers both the formula method as well as the proportions method, using basic maths and ratio principles to solve dosage calculations. This targets those students who struggle with formulae and who might wish to try a different approach
    • Full-colour real medication labels and real medication charts, syringe diagrams and equipment photos all combine to give students a visual reference to the material they will encounter in clinical practice
    • Clinical case studies, in the Worked examples and Activities, give students a clinical context to help them understand the relevance of this vital skill.
    • Worked examples help students to see the steps in the calculations. Activities follow on from worked examples and give student the chance to compare and test their understanding of the concept introduced
    • The text also incorporates specialist area chapters of paediatrics, aged care, midwifery, critical care, high dependency and oncology areas. These chapters allow students to practice calculations commonly found in these areas, giving a clinical basis for their learning
    • NEW chapter 12 Oncology Calculations gives students the chance to develop their skills with more complex clinical dosage calculations
    • Updated with NEW medication charts, including the National residential medication chart, as well as updated medication labels
    • NEW chapter 14 Answers to activities in the text for quicker student revision, as well as online in the student companion website
    • NEW Test bank of questions for instructors to quickly and easily set quizzes and test for student revision and assessment
    • Got It! Dosage Calculations is a NEW extra online resource for students to access to check their mastery of the basic concepts required to do dosage calculations and get extra feedback to help them learn.
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  • Clinical Dosage Calculations Instructor Solutions Manual
    ISBN-10: 0170357201 | ISBN-13:9780170357203
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    Description The Instructor’s Solutions Manual provides you with fully worked solutions to all questions and activities from the text.
    Clinical Dosage Calculations Test Bank (Examview & Word)
    ISBN-10: 017035721X | ISBN-13:9780170357210
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    ExamView test bank helps you to create, customise and deliver tests in minutes for both print and online applications. The Quick Test Wizard and Online test Wizard guide you step by step through the test-creation process. With ExamView’s complete word-processing abilities, you can add an unlimited number of new questions to the bank, edit existing questions and build tests of up to 250 questions using up to 12 question types. You can export the files into Blackboard or WebCT, publish tests online or print them in hard copy.
    Clinical Dosage Calculations PowerPoint Slides
    ISBN-10: 0170357228 | ISBN-13:9780170357227
    List Price = 0.55
    Chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint presentations cover the main concepts addressed within the text and can be edited to suit your own requirements. Use these slides to enhance your lecture presentations and to reinforce the key principles of your subject, or for student handouts.
    Clinical Dosage Calculations Artwork from the Text
    ISBN-10: 0170357236 | ISBN-13:9780170357234
    List Price = 0.55
    Artwork files includes digital files of graphs, tables, pictures and flow charts from the text that can be used in a variety of media. Add them into your course management system, use them in student handouts, or include them in your lecture presentations.

  • Vanessa Brotto is a Lecturer in the School of Nursing at Deakin Vanessa Brotto is a Lecturer in the School of Nursing at Deakin University teaching in the Bachelor of Nursing degree, the postgraduate Diploma of Critical Care and the Master of Nursing Practice (Nurse Practitioner) degrees. She has worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Intensive Care at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne as well as in Clinical Education for many years. Vanessa has been at Deakin University for 7 years and has a passion for using diverse teaching methods and making the classroom a fun and engaging learning space. Vanessa won a University teaching award for her approach to teaching large classes in 2006 and was appointed as an inaugural Fellow of the College of Deakin Distinguished Educators.

    Kate Rafferty is a Clinical Manager at Cobden District Health Service. Kate also has experience teaching in the Certificate IV of Nursing, and coordinating several traineeships in the Health affiliated areas across Victoria. She has worked as a registered nurse in Cardiac Intensive Care in the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children and a Perioperative nurse at St Vincent’s and St Vincent Private Hospitals in Melbourne. She has also worked in a coordinators’ role at St John of God in Warrnambool and a Unit Manager in Aged Care (High Care Dementia). Kate has worked as an educator at Deakin University and as a teacher at South West Tafe for 4 years. She has a strong interest in making health education vibrant and memorable.