Industrial Electricity 9th Edition
Michael E. Brumbach
ISBN-13: 9781285863986 | ISBN-10: 1285863984
© 2017 | Published |  688  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781435483743

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INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICITY, Ninth Edition, presents the essentials of electrical theory in a clear, current, logical manner to help students master both fundamental concepts and more advanced subjects relevant to the field of industrial electricity. Coverage begins with foundational topics like electrical symbols and drawings, current, voltage, resistance, and power, while subsequent chapters introduce Ohm’s Law; series, parallel, and combination circuits; and resistive and reactive circuits. The text also includes thorough discussion of advanced subjects such as rotating machinery, motor controls, transformers, electronic drives, and PLCs, as well as practical information on key real-world applications of electrical theory, including installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. The Ninth Edition features more than 800 illustrations and photos to help explain key concepts and bring theory and practice alike to life for today’s students.

  • 1. Language of Electricity.
    2. Electrical Fundamentals.
    3. Electrical Power and Energy.
    4. Test Equipment.
    5. Basic Resistive Electrical Circuits.
    6. Magnets and Magnetism.
    7. Alternating Current.
    8. AC Circuits.
    9. Conductor Types and Sizes.
    10. Wiring Methods.
    11. Wiring Applications.
    12. Transformers.
    13. Electrical Distribution.
    14. Lighting.
    15. Electric Heat.
    16. DC Generators.
    17. DC Motors.
    18. AC Generators (Alternators).
    19. AC Motors.
    20. Motor Control Devices and Circuits.
    21. Basic Industrial Electronics.
    22. DC Electronic Variable Speed Drives.
    23. AC (Inverter) Drives.
    24. Programmable Logic Controllers.
    Appendix A.
    Appendix B.
    Appendix C.

    • The text provides comprehensive coverage of fundamental theory, practical applications, and common equipment and technology, including installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, test equipment, wiring methods, and conductor types and sizes.
    • The author draws on decades of expertise as an educator and author to present even complex material using a simple, logical, and practical approach that aids learning and enhances understanding.
    • Ideal for aspiring and experienced professionals alike, this trusted text provides electrical maintenance technicians with an excellent reference for quick answers to address both common problems and unusual challenges.
    • More than 800 new and updated illustrations and photos greatly enhance the visual appeal of the Ninth Edition, clarifying the fundamentals of electrical theory and making material easier for students to master.
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    • An updated Instructor Resource includes PowerPoint® slides and a computerized test bank with material based on chapter contents, allowing for quick, effective preparation of classroom and assessment materials.
    • The author has added additional information on compact fluorescent and LED lighting, providing students an up-to-date perspective on these important new technologies.
    • Throughout the text, references to the National Electrical Code (NEC NFPA 70) have been updated to reflect the 2014 edition, giving students current, accurate information relevant to these important industry standards.
    • The Ninth Edition has eliminated reproductions of manufacturer's data sheets in favor of listing the relevant web addresses (URLs), allowing for a more streamlined, convenient text while still enabling students to access needed detail easily.
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  • Michael E. Brumbach is the retired (after 28 years of service) associate dean of the Industrial and Engineering Technologies Division at York Technical College in Rock Hill, South Carolina. He holds an associate degree in electronics technology. In addition to this book, Mr. Brumbach has authored ELECTRONIC VARIABLE SPEED DRIVES and has co-authored INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE.