Comparative Health Information Management 4th Edition
Ann Peden
ISBN-13: 9781285871714 | ISBN-10: 1285871715
© 2017 | Published |  672  Pages
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COMPARATIVE HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, 4e immerses students in the growing field of HIM and its many career paths. Chapters explore traditional and clinical settings, including hospitals, ambulatory clinics and medical offices, veterinary practices, home health, long-term care, and correctional facilities, as well as emerging practice areas such as consulting and cancer registry. Focused on the challenges of managing and protecting the flow of information across sites, this updated text starts with an induction to the health care system, then progresses through care settings and associated HIM roles, infusing discussions with key terms, self-test questions, web links, and illustrations that add meaning to concepts. Special features include case studies for problem-solving practice, and new “Professional Spotlight” vignettes that highlight actual professionals in their HIM careers.

    1. Introduction to Health Care Systems.
    2. Hospital-Based Care.
    3. Freestanding Ambulatory Care.
    4. Managed Care.
    5. Dialysis.
    6. Correctional Facilities.
    7. Mental Health: Long-Term and Acute Services.
    8. Substance Abuse.
    9. Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.
    Section IV: POST-ACUTE CARE.
    10. Long-Term Care.
    11. Rehabilitation.
    12. Home Health Care.
    13. Hospice.
    14. Dental Care Settings.
    15. Veterinary Settings.
    16. Consulting.
    17. Cancer Registry.

    • Key Resources: Chapter-ending resources help students find more information for homework, projects, and exams—and to satisfy their growing curiosity about the HIM field.
    • Essential Topics: Chapters analyze the key HIM practices at work in professional settings today, including must-know accreditation, licensure, and regulatory issues, as well as discussions on new areas of practice such as professional consulting.
    • Technological Impacts: Coverage of electronic health records and their impact on health care delivery and information management helps students see how records management has evolved over time.
    • Learning Features: On-page features add value at every turn, including numerous examples, relevant figures, web links, review questions, key terms, and detailed tables that illustrate and drive home concepts.
    • Stimulating Scenarios: Students wear their manager hats with these case studies, which guide them through the problem-solving process and build the skills that can elevate thinking for life.
    • Illuminating Features: Designed to give students an inside look at health care specialties in a variety of settings, these “Professional Spotlight” vignettes highlight real professionals and their experiences in health information management roles.
    • Purpose-Driven Opportunities: This new chapter on Cancer Registry and the growing role of Cancer Registrars in HIM shows students the importance of capturing patient data on cancer diagnosis and treatment, which is used to advance global scientific research for cures.
    • Current Regulations: The latest updates to key health care laws and regulations helps students master this required component of health information management, and prepare for careers in virtually any setting.
    • Focused Study: All-new self-review questions have been added to every chapter to encourage students to test their skills and understanding at every level, while digging more deeply into course topics.
    • Interactive Learning: New for the fourth edition, MindTap™ is a feature-rich, guided learning path that engages students in the basic principles of health information management through interactive activities, exercises, and animations that challenge students to apply what they’ve learned and develop critical thinking skills for today’s fast-paced workplace.
  • “It is a concise and focused text with valuable assignments and critical thinking questions.”

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  • Ann Peden is Professor of Health Informatics and Information Management at the University Mississippi Medical Center’s School of Health-Related Professions in Jackson, Mississippi. Formerly a member of the Board of the Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM), Dr. Peden has also served as President of both the Louisiana Medical Record Association and the Mississippi Health Information Management Association. She earned her PhD from the University of Mississippi and an MBA from Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana, where she also taught in the health information management programs.