Understanding Child Development 10th Edition
Rosalind Charlesworth, Ph.D.
ISBN-13: 9781305501034 | ISBN-10: 1305501039
© 2017 | Published |  560  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781133586692

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UNDERSTANDING CHILD DEVELOPMENT, 10th Edition, introduces pre-service and inservice teachers to the unique qualities of young children from infants to age eight, and demonstrates how to work with each child in ways that correspond with their developmental level, and their social and cultural environment. Now organized into 15 chapters, the book includes learning theories and research as well as information about the importance of play and technology in a young child's learning process. Learning objectives and specific NAEYC Program Standards, Accreditation Criteria, and Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) are highlighted at the beginning of each chapter. Other topics covered include readiness, assessment, working with children and families from diverse cultures, working with children with special needs, and the early stages of reading, writing, and general cognitive development. Throughout the text, real-life examples and anecdotes bring theory and research to life

    1. Studying the Young Child.
    2. How Play, Technology and Digital Media, and Disabilities Affect Learning.
    3. Factors Affecting Learning.
    4. Prenatal Period, Birth, and the First Two Weeks.
    5. Infancy: Theory, Environment, Health, and Motor Development.
    6. Infant Cognitive and Affective Development.
    7. The Toddler: Autonomy and Development.
    8. Physical and Motor Development.
    9. The Cognitive System, Concept Development, and Intelligence.
    10. Oral and Written Language Development.
    11. How Adults Enrich Language and Concept Development.
    12. Affective Development.
    13. How Adults Support Affective Development.
    14. Preschool To Primary: Bridging the Gap into the Primary Grades.
    15. Primary Grade Child Development.

    • Content covers development from the prenatal period through age eight, which aligns with the NAEYC definition of early childhood.
    • Features include Brain Development boxes that focus on relevant brain research, Child Development in the Real World boxes that provide practical applications of key topics, Technology in Early Childhood Education features that highlight various issues related to technology in children's education, and brief Time to Reflect features that present scenarios and/or questions to ponder or write about.
    • Content is aligned with NAEYC Program Standards, Accreditation Criteria, and Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) Guidelines, which are highlighted at the beginning of each chapter. A Standards Correlation Chart on the inside front cover provides an easily accessible snapshot of where these standards and guidelines are covered in the text
    • An integrated learning system features numbered, chapter-opening learning objectives tied to each chapter's main headings, which help to focus students' reading. Each chapter concludes with a chapter summary organized around the learning objectives
    • Supported by the latest developmental research and theory, the text relates child development to current issues in early childhood and addresses problems and solutions for those who are or will be working with young children.
    • With a focus on the relationship of child development to our diverse, multicultural society, the book provides connections between child development and children's families, communities, schools, and cultures
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    • *UPDATED* The 31 smaller units from the previous edition have been combined into six parts and 15 chapters, which are more closely aligned with semester and quarter course schedules.
    • *NEW* All topics, demographic data, and statistics have been updated with the latest research findings. New topics have also been added, including LGBT parenting; the father's role in child care; the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder, food insecurity, and drug abuse; Common Core Standards; zero tolerance; reflective teaching; play in the primary grades; and cyberbullying and anti-bullying programs
    • *NEW* Students can begin developing or adding to their personal libraries of professional tools for the classroom with new forms, called Professional Resource Downloads. These forms are available as digital downloads with the MindTap® online learning experience available with the text
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  • Rosalind Charlesworth, Ph.D., is professor emerita and retired department chair in the Department of Child and Family Studies at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. During her tenure at Weber State University, she worked with the faculty of the Department of Teacher Education to develop continuity from preprimary to primary school in the program for students in the early childhood education licensure program. She also contributed as a guest presenter in the Elementary Mathematics Methods class. Dr. Charlesworth is known for her contributions to research on early childhood teachers' beliefs and practices. She taught courses in early education and child development at other universities before joining the faculty at Weber State University. In 1999, she was the co-recipient of the NAECTE/Allyn & Bacon Outstanding Early Childhood Teacher Educator award. In 2014 she received the Legacy Award from the WSU Child and Family Studies Department in recognition of her contributions to early childhood education. Dr. Charlesworth has provided service to the field through active involvement in professional organizations and is currently on the editorial board of the Early Childhood Education Journal.