Looking Out, Looking In, Loose-leaf Version 15th Edition
Ronald B. Adler | Russell F. Proctor II
ISBN-13: 9781305655157 | ISBN-10: 130565515X
© 2017 | Published |  448  Pages

Binding Format:

Loose-leaf or Post Bound Item
US $119.95
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    • Ron Adler is professor emeritus at Santa Barbara City College, where he developed programs in interpersonal communication, business and professional communication, and communication theories. He has co-authored and edited several textbooks that address communication contexts and topics including interpersonal communication, small group communication, public speaking, assertiveness, and social skills. In addition to writing and teaching, he works with professional and business people to improve their communication on the job.

      Russell F. Proctor II is a professor at Northern Kentucky University, where he has taught since 1991. He primarily teaches courses in interpersonal communication, interviewing, and communication pedagogy. In 1997 he won the university's Outstanding Professor Award. He is the author of numerous articles and textbooks focusing on interpersonal communication and communication education, with a particular interest in the use of feature films as instructional resources.