Introduction to Health Care 4th Edition
Dakota Mitchell | Lee Haroun
ISBN-13: 9781305574779 | ISBN-10: 130557477X
© 2017 | Published |  624  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781435487550

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH CARE, Fourth Edition, provides an easy-to-read introduction to the foundational skills necessary for a range of health care professions. This trusted text offers a comprehensive, yet highly accessible survey of both soft skills and basic clinical skills for those entering health care training programs or considering a career in health care. To prepare readers for the realities of modern practice, the authors emphasize core competencies required by all health care professions, including communication, infection control, and professionalism. The text features a strong focus on developing critical thinking skills ("thinking like a health care professional") through a five-step problem-solving model that includes assessing a situation, considering alternatives, choosing an appropriate alternative, evaluating the results, and revising as needed. This unique approach makes INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH CARE, Fourth Edition, an ideal resource to help readers transition from simple memorization to effective application of professional skills in a real-world setting.

    1. Your Career in Health Care.
    2. Current Health Care Systems and Trends.
    3. Ethical and Legal Responsibilities.
    4. Medical Terminology.
    5. Medical Math.
    6. Organization of the Human Body.
    7. Structure and Function of the Human Body.
    8. Growth and Development.
    9. Body Mechanics.
    10. Infection Control.
    11. Environmental Safety.
    12. Lifestyle Management.
    13. Professionalism.
    14. Lifelong Learning.
    15. The Patient as an Individual.
    16. The Communication Process.
    17. Written Communication.
    18. Computers and Technology in Health Care.
    19. Documentation and Medical Records.
    20. Physical Assessment.
    21. Emergency Procedures.
    22. Controlling Health Care Costs.
    23. Performance Improvement and Customer Service.
    24. Job Leads and the Résumé.
    25. Interview, Portfolio, and Application.
    26. Successful Employment Strategies.
    Appendix 1: Health Care Professional Organizations.
    Appendix 2: Useful Spanish Expressions for Health Care Professionals.

    • Designed to equip readers for success in the classroom as well as professional careers, the text covers behaviors that will benefit individuals both in school and on the job, learning styles and study tips, the challenges of dealing with adult responsibilities while in school, and effective lifestyle management (staying healthy, managing time, and handling stress).
    • Each chapter features multiple charts and feature boxes that summarize or expand on the core material, allowing readers to quickly locate needed information, identify key concepts, and review for assignments or exams.
    • “Thinking It Through” features help hone critical-thinking and problem-solving skills by encouraging readers to apply key concepts from the chapter to address realistic workplace scenarios.
    • “Suggested Learning Activities” and problem-solving practice features are presented in the end-of-chapter material to give readers opportunities to master key concepts through hands-on application.
    • Each chapter opens with an engaging “The Case Of” feature presenting a relevant real-world practice example, and application exercises at the end of each chapter refer back to these opening examples to reinforce learning.
    • Drawing on decades of professional experience in clinical and classroom settings, the authors provide valuable insights on vital topics often excluded from introductory books, including lifestyle management, lifelong learning, documentation, cost control, performance improvement, and customer service.
    • The Fourth Edition includes a new first aid quick reference, with a list of procedures featured in the text and an index of pages where they are covered, making it easy for readers to find relevant information quickly.
    • Current health care challenges, such as the increasing incidence of Alzheimer's disease and continuing escalating costs of health care, have been added, along with the implications for future health care professionals.
    • A new “Infection Control Content at a Glance” feature now appears in the front matter, providing a convenient reference for readers to consult when learning or reviewing this important material.
    • The authors have added a Vital Signs Reference section to the opening material, enabling readers to locate information of interest throughout the text.
    • An updated student workbook is available to accompany the Fourth Edition, with information and exercises aligned to chapter contents.
  • “I am impressed with this book’s content and I enjoyed completing the review. It contains an easy-to-read foundation that flows very easily when read. This text is very comprehensive and can offer a wonderful learning experience for learners entering health care programs”

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  • Workbook for Mitchell/Haroun's Introduction to Health Care, 4th
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    The student workbook is design to provide students with additional practice. A variety of questions and exercises are included to help reinforce in different ways the material students have learned. Types of questions and exercises include defining terms, matching, identification, true/false, true/false rewrite, multiple choice, completion, ordering, and labeling. Additionally, each chapter includes two critical-thinking scenarios to encourage students to think about and apply concepts learned in the chapter. Procedure checklists are also included to help students assess their mastery of the basic hands-on skills included in the text.
    MindTap Basic Health Sciences, 2 terms (12 months) Instant Access for Mitchell/Haroun’s Introduction to Health Care
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    MindTap Basic Health Sciences for Introduction to Health Care
    Instructor Companion Web Site for Mitchell/Haroun’s Introduction to Health Care, 4th
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    Everything you need for your course in one place! This collection of product-specific lecture and class tools is available online via the instructor resource center at You'll be able to access a test bank powered by Cognero®, Power Point® presentations, suggested answers to “Thinking It Through” and “Application Exercises,” and answers to review questions found in the textbook, answers to workbook exercises, and the Instructor’s Manual with suggestions for class activities and procedure check-off forms for evaluating skills.
    LMS Integrated for MindTap Basic Health Sciences, 2 terms (12 months) Instant Access for Mitchell/Haroun's Introduction to Health Care
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    Student Companion Website for Mitchell/Haroun’s Introduction to Health Care, 4th
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    Student Companion Website

  • Dakota Mitchell, R.N., M.S.N., M.B.A., earned her master of science degree in nursing from the University of California, San Francisco, and a master of business administration degree from the University of Santa Clara. The combination of these advanced degrees provides a valuable perspective for understanding and functioning within the rapidly evolving world of health care today. Dakota has more than 35 years of experience in health care, including education, management, and curriculum consultation. In addition to devoting many years to classroom and clinical teaching, she has developed and implemented innovative health care programs at both the vocational and associate degree levels. Dakota has written and/or served as a content expert on numerous health care instructional projects for Cengage Learning.

    Lee Haroun, M.A., M.B.A., Ed.D., has over 45 years of experience in education as a teacher, administrator, and writer. She has worked with hundreds of health care students and has a special interest in helping them become successful professionals. Her work has included coordinating curriculum development for a variety of programs, including occupational therapy assistant, patient care technician, health information technician, and insurance coder. In addition, she has focused on helping health care instructors succeed, and her doctoral dissertation explored the transition of health care professionals from the field to the classroom. Lee is the author of CAREER DEVELOPMENT FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS (Elsevier Science), coauthor of OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY FIELDWORK SURVIVAL GUIDE with Bonnie Napier-Tibere (F.A. Davis), coauthor of TEACHING IDEAS AND CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES FOR HEALTH CARE with Susan Royce (Cengage Learning), and technical writer for ESSENTIALS OF HEALTH & WELLNESS by James Robinson and Deborah McCormick (Cengage Learning). She also developed video content and scripts for Delmar’s CAREER SUCCESS FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS DVD Series, content for health care career exploration software published by Cengage Learning, and numerous instructional materials for a variety of publishers.