Illustrated Microsoft® Office 365 & Access 2016: Intermediate 1st Edition
Lisa Friedrichsen
ISBN-13: 9781305877993 | ISBN-10: 1305877993
© 2017 | Published |  276  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781285093284

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
US $121.95
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Engage both computer rookies and hot shots as you guide them in mastering basic and more advanced Microsoft® Access 2016 skills quickly and efficiently with ILLUSTRATED MICROSOFT® OFFICE 365 & ACCESS 2016: INTERMEDIATE. Praised by instructors for its concise, focused approach and user-friendly format, the Illustrated Series incorporates a hallmark two-page layout that allows students to see an entire task in one view. Each presentation is easy to follow with Learning Outcomes that outline the skills covered in each lesson and larger full-color screens that reflect exactly what students should see on their own computers. Each module begins with a brief overview of the lesson’s principles and introduces a case study for further application. In addition, new Productivity Apps visually introduce Microsoft® OneNote, Sway, Office Mix and Edge using hands-on activities.

  • Productivity Apps for School and Work.
    Office Module 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Office.
    Access Module 1: Getting Started with Access.
    Access Module 2: Building and Using Queries.
    Access Module 3: Using Forms.
    Access Module 4: Using Reports.
    Access Module 5: Modifying the Database Structure.
    Access Module 6: Improving Queries.
    Access Module 7: Enhancing Forms.
    Access Module 8: Analyzing Data with Reports.

    • CONCISE, TO-THE-POINT INSTRUCTION HELPS STUDENTS OF ALL LEVELS MASTER BASIC AND MORE ADVANCED MICROSOFT® ACCESS 2016 SKILLS. This edition introduces the best features in Microsoft® Access 2016 with step-by-step instructions as students learn to create and work with tables, queries, forms and reports.
    • UNIQUE TWO-PAGE SPREAD PRESENTS AN ENTIRE TASK IN A SINGLE VIEW. This proven, focused visual approach keeps learners of all levels engaged, on track, and actively learning both essential and more advanced Microsoft® Access 2016 skills.
    • “QUICK TIPS” AND “TROUBLES” HELP STUDENTS AVOID TYPICAL ERRORS AND PITFALLS. This edition highlights common Microsoft® Access 2016 mistakes and cautions readers with helpful tips and warnings within the step-by-step directions for each lesson.
    • PRACTICE EXERCISES EMPHASIZE THE RELEVANCE OF CONCEPTS. Independent Challenges and Visual Workshops at the end of each module help learners become adept with both basic and more advanced Microsoft® Access 2016 skills.
    • BOOK SERVES AS AN INVALUABLE REFERENCE RESOURCE BOTH NOW AND IN STUDENTS’ FUTURE CAREERS. The clear presentation and easily accessible information throughout this edition make this book a resource students will frequently reference during and after your course.
    • NEW PRODUCTIVITY APPS FOR WORK AND SCHOOL MODULE PROVIDES A VISUAL INTRODUCTION. These helpful, easy-to-use apps by well-known technology author Corinne Hoisington visually guide students through using Microsoft® OneNote, Sway, Office Mix and Edge with fun, hands-on activities for active learning. Companion Sways provide videos and step-by-step instructions to help students learn to master each app.
    • UPDATED CASE STUDY EMPHASIZES APPLICATIONS OF SKILLS. This engaging case study woven throughout text clarifies both basic and more advanced Microsoft® Access 2016 topics and applications for learners through the use of memorable real world examples.
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  • Lisa Friedrichsen is a Professor at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, where she teaches database and web development classes. As an author, she has written several prominent Access, Office, and Web related textbooks. Ms. Friedrichsen combines her ability to teach with extensive industry experience to create clear, practical presentations. Ms. Friedrichsen’s undergraduate degree is in Engineering from Iowa State University and she has an MBA from Drake University. She worked for a decade at IBM Corporation before becoming a consultant, author, and college professor.