Illustrated Microsoft® Office 365 & Office 2016 Projects, Loose-leaf Version 1st Edition
Carol M. Cram
ISBN-13: 9781305878686 | ISBN-10: 130587868X
© 2017 | Published |  232  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781285170329

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Loose-leaf or Post Bound Item
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Discover the visual, flexible way to build computer skills and emphasize hands-on learning with ILLUSTRATED MICROSOFT® OFFICE 365 & OFFICE 2016: PROJECTS. Part of the popular Illustrated Series, this practical edition offers the ideal solution for students with a variety of skill levels and learning styles. With ILLUSTRATED MICROSOFT® OFFICE 365 & OFFICE 2016: PROJECTS learners immediately take a hands-on approach to Microsoft® Office 2016 concepts and skills as they complete a wealth of engaging projects from scratch. Projects progress in difficulty from beginning to intermediate skills as students work with each of the primary Microsoft® Office 2016 applications. ILLUSTRATED MICROSOFT® OFFICE 365 & OFFICE 2016: PROJECTS helps your students retain more knowledge as they apply what they’ve learned in a meaningful way.

  • Module 1: Word Projects I.
    Module 2: Word Projects II.
    Module 3: Excel Projects I.
    Module 4: Excel Projects II.
    Module 5: Integration Projects I.
    Module 6: Access Projects.
    Module 7: Integration Projects II.
    Module 8: PowerPoint® Projects.
    Module 9: Integration Projects III.

    • VISUAL PROJECT-BASED APPROACH HELPS STUDENTS TRULY MASTER MICROSOFT® OFFICE 2016. Students refine their abilities as they use Office skills to complete different types of projects.
    • EXCITING, REALISTIC PROJECTS ENGAGE STUDENTS. Readers gain important practice with each of the four main Microsoft® Office 2016 applications and even work with projects that integrate all of the skills.
    • AUTHOR INTEGRATES WEB MATERIAL INTO PROJECTS. The projects and independent challenges throughout this edition drive students to the Web to practice their new skills.
    • STUDENTS CREATE ALL PROJECTS FROM SCRATCH. Students work with projects from initial steps through conclusion, which enables them to see the life cycle of an entire project.
    • PROJECTS INCREASE IN DIFFICULTY THROUGHOUT EACH MODULE. Students are able to practice both beginning and intermediate skills as the projects progress in level of difficulty.
    • UPDATES REFLECT THE LATEST FEATURES AND ENHANCEMENTS IN MICROSOFT® OFFICE 2016. Detailed coverage highlights both basic and intermediate features within Microsoft® Office 2016 to prepare your students to fully maximize the latest version.
    • UPDATED PROJECT SCENARIOS KEEP STUDENTS ENGAGED. These practical project scenarios keep students on track as they prompt readers to apply the skills and concepts they have learned to actual business and life situations.
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  • Carol M. Cram is the author of more than 35 textbooks on computer applications, business communications, and Internet-related subjects. Ms. Cram was also a long-time faculty member at Capilano College in North Vancouver, where she served as the Convenor of the Executive Support Program, the Program Consultant for Business and Computers in Continuing Education, and an instructor of business and computer-related courses.