Illustrated Microsoft® Office 365 & Word 2016 for Medical Professionals, Loose-leaf Version 1st Edition
Jennifer Duffy | Carol M. Cram
ISBN-13: 9781305878594 | ISBN-10: 1305878590
© 2017 | Published |  280  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781285083940

Binding Format:

Loose-leaf or Post Bound Item
US $64.95
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Help your students master the Microsoft® Word 2016 skills essential for success in today’s medical office or health-related career with the dynamic new ILLUSTRATED MICROSOFT® OFFICE 365 & WORD 2016 FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS. This reader-friendly book introduces Microsoft® Word 2016 using a bestselling step-by-step format and visually focused approach. Students examine actual medical examples and complete timely projects. An intriguing case study related to the medical industry further prepares your students to meet contemporary medical office challenges.

Both beginning and experienced students benefit from the book’s straightforward approach. ILLUSTRATED MICROSOFT® OFFICE 365 AND WORD 2016 FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS ensures your students have the Word skills necessary to support the front or back office of a clinic, hospital, or medical practice with great success.

  • Office Module 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Office 2016.
    Word Module 1. Creating Documents in Word 2016.
    Word Module 2. Editing Documents.
    Word Module 3. Formatting Text and Paragraphs.
    Word Module 4. Creating and Formatting Tables.
    Word Module 5. Formatting Documents.
    Word Module 6. Merging Word Documents.
    Word Module 7. Working with Styles and Templates.
    Word Module 8. Developing Multipage Documents.
    Word Module 9. Building Forms.

    • “QUICK TIPS” HELP STUDENTS AVOID TYPICAL ERRORS AND PITFALLS. These helpful Tips appear within the step-by-step directions to predict commonly made mistakes and offer practical advice to help students avoid common errors.
    • PRACTICE EXERCISES EMPHASIZE THE RELEVANCE OF CONCEPTS. Independent Challenges and Visual Workshops at the end of each module help learners master Microsoft® Word 2016 skills.
    • BOOK SERVES AS AN INVALUABLEREFERENCE NOW AND IN FUTURE WORK. This book’s clear presentation and thorough information make it a resource your students will frequently reference both during and after your course.
    • TIMELY EXAMPLES AND EXERCISES RELATE SPECIFICALLY TO TODAY’S MEDICAL FIELD. Students work with examples and end-of-module exercises that are distinct to the medical field. Exercises depict real administrative tasks and challenges that students are likely to encounter in a contemporary medical office, hospital or clinic work setting.
    • COMPREHENSIVE EXERCISES OFFER INCREASING DIFFICULTY TO REINFORCE CRITICAL SKILLS. This edition’s comprehensive and applied end-of-module exercises increase in level of difficulty as students progress through the book. This enables students to build confidence before tackling more challenging tasks.
    • REALISTIC MEDICAL CASE STUDY OFFERS PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE. Students work through an ongoing case study based on a realistic outpatient medical facility, Riverwalk Medical Clinic. Students use the skills they’ve learned as they work with the facility’s family doctors, specialists, nurses, and support staff.
    • DISTINCTIVE TWO-PAGE PRESENTATION FORMAT ENABLES STUDENTS TO MASTER A SINGLE CONCEPT AT A TIME. This book’s unique two-page spread provides step-by-step instructions on the left page and oversized, clear screen illustrations on the right page. Advanced students can quickly review familiar skills before moving ahead, while beginners are able to master one skill at a time with no confusion.
    • ADVANCED CHALLENGE EXERCISES PROVIDE MORE COMPLEX PRACTICE. Optional Advanced Challenge Exercises at the end of each module let your experienced students practice the more complex skills covered in the lessons.
    • LESSONS AND EXERCISES FEATURE ACTUAL DOCUMENTS USED IN MEDICAL OFFICES. Students practice the skills necessary in Word to support the front or back office of a clinic, hospital or medical practice using real documents from today’s medical offices.
    • COMPREHENSIVE UPDATES REFLECT THE LATEST FEATURES AND ENHANCEMENTS THROUGHOUT MICROSOFT® OFFICE 2016. Your students gain a solid understanding of the very latest Microsoft® Office fundamental skills to apply to work or school assignments.
    • NEW PRODUCTIVITY APPS FOR SCHOOL AND WORK MODULE PROVIDE AN ENGAGING VISUAL INTRODUCTION. These helpful, easy-to-use apps by technology author Corinne Hoisington visually guide your students through using Microsoft® OneNote, Sway, Office Mix and Edge. Companion Sways provide videos and step-by-step instructions to help students master each app.
    • REFRESHED DATA AND SOLUTION FILES HELP STUDENTS EFFICIENTLY COMPLETE AND CHECK THEIR WORK. All end-of-module exercises are now updated with new, contemporary data and reliable solution files.
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  • Jennifer Duffy is a freelance author who lives and works in New Hampshire. She has been writing leading texts for Course Technology for more than ten years and has authored previous editions of MICROSOFT® WORD ILLUSTRATED for the popular Office series. Ms. Duffy has worked successfully in the business world as a writer, editor, and public relations liaison. She combines her strong business knowledge and expertise in Word with exceptional writing skills that ensure the clarity of this and each of her other books.

    Carol M. Cram is the author of more than 35 textbooks on computer applications, business communications, and Internet-related subjects. Ms. Cram was also a long-time faculty member at Capilano College in North Vancouver, where she served as the Convenor of the Executive Support Program, the Program Consultant for Business and Computers in Continuing Education, and an instructor of business and computer-related courses.