Criminal Justice in Action: The Core 9th Edition
Larry K. Gaines | Roger LeRoy Miller
ISBN-13: 9781337092142 | ISBN-10: 1337092142
© 2018 | Published |  528  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781305261075

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Concise and career focused, with cutting-edge topic coverage, the exciting new CRIMINAL JUSTICE IN ACTION: THE CORE, 9th Edition, delivers an accessible, applied, and real-world introduction to the field. Gripping photos and an engaging magazine-like layout make this succinct text ideal for a fast-paced course and visual learners. The text presents topics and cases straight from today's headlines, putting students in the center of the action with vivid, relatable examples that demonstrate the core principles of the American justice system at work. This edition features extensive ethics coverage, practical career guidance (including how to research professions on LinkedIn), and thought-provoking new material on controversial social issues and criminal justice policies. What’s more, the MindTap® that accompanies this text helps students practice and master techniques and key concepts while engaging them with video cases, career-based decision-making scenarios, visual summaries, and more.

    1. Criminal Justice Today.
    2. Measuring and Explaining Crime.
    3. Inside Criminal Law.
    4. Law Enforcement Today.
    5. Problems and Solutions in Modern Policing.
    6. Police and the Constitution -- The Rules of Law Enforcement.
    7. Courts and the Quest for Justice.
    8. Pretrial Procedures and the Criminal Trial.
    9. Punishment and Sentencing.
    10. Probation, Parole, and Intermediate Sanctions.
    11. Prisons and Jails.
    12. The Prison Experience and Prisoner Reentry.
    13. The Juvenile Justice System.
    14. Crucial Issues in Criminal Justice.

    • Careers in Criminal Justice boxes give students an up-close, realistic view of opportunities in today's market by profiling criminal justice professionals who offer first-person accounts of their jobs. These boxes -- coupled with the Careers in Criminal Justice website -- help students understand the breadth of rewarding careers available in the criminal justice field.
    • The text retains its commitment to critical analysis. Each chapter-opening vignette includes three critical analysis questions. Each of the more than 50 boxed features concludes with a critical analysis question, as do the text's photo captions. The CJ Controversy feature takes such analysis one step further, requiring students to complete a short research and writing assignment on subjects such as hate crime laws, the death penalty, and gun control. Finally, at the end of each chapter, students are presented with five questions for critical analysis that review the chapter's major themes.
    • Each question in the Instructor Approved Test Bank has been carefully reviewed by experienced criminal justice professors for quality, accuracy, and content coverage -- meaning instructors can be certain they are working with an assessment and grading resource of the highest caliber.
    • Succinct yet thorough, this concise 14-chapter text provides instructors with the class time they need to discuss the individual components of the criminal justice system as well as career opportunities for students.
    • To help students immediately connect with key concepts, each chapter opens with learning objectives that are matched to bulleted lists of key points in the end-of-chapter summaries. Learning objectives are also linked to corresponding questions in the Test Bank to provide maximum learning reinforcement.
    • Recognized for its captivating style and content, CRIMINAL JUSTICE IN ACTION: THE CORE delivers intriguing, up-to-the-minute stories and case studies. In addition, its reviewer-praised photo program offers riveting photographs that engage today's visually oriented students.
    • With three new Ethics Challenges per chapter, the ninth edition provides the most extensive ethics coverage in the field. Located at the end of a section, each of these Ethics Challenges refers back to an important concept in that section, while calling on students to apply their own ethical standards to the workings of the criminal justice system. For example, after reading the section on Pretrial Detection in Chapter 8, students are asked to critique the ethics of the "for-profit bail industry."
    • This edition adds to its reputation for providing far-reaching career aids to students with one new Getting LinkedIn feature per chapter. Each feature highlights a specific profession that is relevant to the chapter and gives a road map on how to research the profession on LinkedIn. Examples include civil rights law, forensic science, and restorative justice.
    • A new feature titled CJ Policy -- Your Take gives students the chance to "dig deeper" into crucial policy decisions that have had a widespread impact on the American criminal justice system. Each chapter includes one of these features, which investigate important policies such as marijuana legalization, "stand your ground" self-defense legislation, and felon disenfranchisement.
    • The text's coverage of social issues remains unparalleled. The authors raise difficult questions involving race, ethnicity, and police use-of-force, furnishing students with the information necessary to draw their own conclusions. A new section entitled "Issues of Race and Ethnicity" (Ch. 5) covers the "perceived bias" of law enforcement agents brought about by citizen videos of incidents of police force. A new section on race and juvenile delinquency (Ch. 13) explores topics ranging from "the attitude test" often failed by minority youths to possible bias among School-Resource Officers.
    • The revamped Chapter 14, "Crucial Issues in Criminal Justice," includes a new section called "Security v. Liberty." This section details the delicate balancing act necessary to keep America safe in a post-9/11 world while respecting the principles of the U.S. Constitution. Topics include the legislative basis for homeland security measures; the legality of mass surveillance and metadata collection; and true threat law and limits of free speech when it comes to supporting terrorist organization such as the Islamic State on the Internet.
    • The new MindTap® for the text offers customizable content, course analytics, an e-reader, and an applied learning experience -- all within your current learning management system. MindTap® prepares students to make the kinds of reasoned, real-world decisions they will need to make as future professionals. With its rich array of assets -- all of which are tagged by learning objective and Bloom's Taxonomy level -- MindTap® is perfectly suited for today's Criminal Justice students, engaging them, guiding them toward mastery of basic concepts, and advancing their critical thinking abilities.
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  • Larry Gaines is chair of his department and a longtime, well-known figure in the field, both as an educator and in law enforcement.

    Roger LeRoy Miller has served on the faculty of several universities, including the University of Washington, Clemson University, and the University of Miami School of Law. As a professor, he has taught intellectual property law and entertainment law, among other subjects. A widely published and respected author, his work has appeared in the Insurance Counsel Journal, Defense Research, California Trial Lawyers Journal, Antitrust Bulletin, Wisconsin Law Review, and Connecticut Law Review. Professor Miller completed his studies at the University of California at Berkeley and University of Chicago.