FOCUS on College Success 5th Edition
Dr. Constance Staley
ISBN-13: 9781337097161 | ISBN-10: 1337097160
© 2018 | Published |  464  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781285430072

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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With increased attention to diversity, mindfulness, resilience, grit, financial literacy, technology and productivity, college-related "life hacks," alternative presentation e-tools, and the newest strategies in career planning, the fifth edition of FOCUS ON COLLEGE SUCCESS recognizes the varied experiences of today's students and guides them to be more mindful, motivated, productive, and focused. The text's research-based approach builds a solid foundation, allowing students see the relevancy of this course to their lives. By helping students develop realistic expectations of what it takes to learn, FOCUS ON COLLEGE SUCCESS motivates and encourages students with direct applications and immediate results. Written by Constance Staley, one of the best-known names in the field of first-year student motivation, this text increases the credibility of the college success course by providing tools that help students succeed and thereby improve institutional retention rates. Starting with the use of actual student-based FOCUS Challenge Cases that introduce each chapter, FOCUS ON COLLEGE SUCCESS strikes a personal and informal conversation with readers — directly connecting with them and drawing them into text discussions. In a survey of students using FOCUS, 97% recommended that their professor use this book again with next year's first-year students. Many students today are distracted, over-optionalized, and over-obligated. FOCUS ON COLLEGE SUCCESS addresses these issues head-on, creating teachable moments — and concrete results — in every face-to-face or online learning experience.

  • 1. Becoming Mindful, Building Resilience.
    2. Starting Strong, Setting Goals.
    3. Learning Styles and Studying.
    4. Managing Your Time, Energy, and Money.
    5. Thinking Critically and Creatively.
    6. Learning Online.
    7. Engaging, Listening, and Note-taking in Class.
    8. Reading, Writing, and Presenting.
    9. Developing Memory, Taking Tests.
    10. Working in Teams, Valuing Diversity.
    11. Working Toward Wellness.
    12. Choosing a College Major and Career.

    • Credible: Using concrete research to drive all content, this text delivers proof that the college success course matters and improves retention. FOCUS ON COLLEGE SUCCESS includes student entrance and exit interviews, which document for faculty and college administrators the fact that students have made progress in the course and illustrate students' reactions to individual sections of the text.
    • Relevant: FOCUS Challenge Cases in each chapter present actual student profiles that focus on big issues and are immediately engaging. Readers will see their own experiences or those of friends and family and possibly even learn lessons from the "mistakes" of others. The text's unique and personalized learning system emphasizes the four C's of intrinsic motivation: the degree of Curiosity prompted by material, the level of Control over outcomes, the extent of focus on the Career Outlook students are in the process of developing, and the level of Challenge in course work.
    • Info/Affect Ratio: Today's instructors realize that college success has both affective and cognitive components. One of Staley's best traits as a writer is her ability to blend the two seamlessly as an academic "storyteller." Much of the text's affect comes through evocative images and quotations, such that the author helps the instructor "educate the whole student." The updated photo program plugs into student engagement by offering a cast of students posing in real case studies/stories of Staley's students, stimulating students' interest and appealing to their visual learning preferences. The cast appears throughout the book so that readers feel they get to know these 12 students.
    • Fully Supported: Offering a high level of instructor support, the integrated teaching package includes a robust website, a comprehensive Instructor's Manual, and an Annotated Instructor's Edition featuring notes from the author. To ensure the greatest possible success for institutions with diverse student audiences, various course setups, and a host of other variables, the text's instructor annotations are grouped in the following categories: Diversity Discussion, Teachable Moments, Sensitive Situation, Activity Selection, Teaching with Technology, Application Idea, and Growth Mindset.
    • Research-based: This edition contains critical issues to keep students and instructors abreast of the prolific research available on the scholarship of teaching and learning. One of Staley's strengths as an author is a remarkable ability to translate difficult concepts into relevant, contemporary analogies and student-accessible language. Specific areas of new research that are crucial to student success include the effects that being distracted by emails or phone calls have on student success, the time it takes to "reboot" after interrupting a task, the essential role of grit and mindset on college success, and the role a college degree has on a happier, healthier life.
    • Up-to-date technology: Staley's own engagement in the latest technologies comes through in her message to students. FOCUS now contains more infographics to capture students' attention and aid comprehension.
    • Life Hacks: Life hacks are brief pointers, often technology-based, to save readers time and help them increase productivity. These short tips are placed in the margins for quick discovery. Without disrupting Staley's unique voice, this edition contains streamlined, yet robust, content for today's busy reader.
    • A Letter for Later: Many chapters include a reflective prompt to help students gain a better understanding of their values, goals, and priorities. Based on Staley's "A Letter for Later" activity in her book 50 Ways to Leave Your Lectern, these short written reflections can be shared with the instructor or saved by students to read months or even years later as a memoir of their first days in college.
    • Revised Reality Checks: FOCUS prompts students to discover personal meaning in what they're learning by completing "Readiness Checks" at the beginning of chapters and revised "Reality Checks" at the end.
    • Increased Content in Three Areas: financial literacy, alternative e-tools for presentations, and career planning.
    • Revised Chapter 1: "Becoming Mindful, Building Resilience" introduces students to the practice of being "present," so universally sought after in the worlds of business, healthcare, relationships, parenting, sports, the military, and now higher education. The chapter also introduces students to the concept of grit as a set of traits that can and should be enhanced for long-term results.
    • Revised Chapter 2: "Starting Strong, Setting Goals" introduces students to the concept of academic professionalism in the context of goal-setting as a personalized plan for success.
    • New Instructor Annotation Categories: Beyond the traditional categorized instructor annotation, this edition extends instructor annotations to three new categories: "Growth Mindset," "Application Idea" and “Activity Selection."
  • "It is all-encompassing [and] prepares students for a successful future as a student…."

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  • Constance Staley is a Professor of Communication at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, where she has directed the First-Year Seminar Program for nearly 25 of her 40 years in higher education. An award-winning teacher, Dr. Staley is the author of a multimedia training package for first-year seminar instructors, as well as the ground-breaking resource manual 50 Ways to Leave Your Lectern. A well-known name in FYE circles, Staley is a leader in faculty development nation-wide. During a three-year leave from the University of Colorado, Dr. Staley joined an East Coast Fortune 500 company to design and deliver its management and supervisory training. She also represented the university as a Fulbright Fellow, teaching in the former Soviet Union in 1996. Dr. Staley earned a B.A. in education from Ball State University, and an M.A. in linguistics and Ph.D. in communication from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is the author of Focus on College Success, Focus on Community College Success, and Focus on College Success Concise for Cengage Learning, and the co-author of Focus on College and Career Success with Steve Staley.