100% Student Success, Loose-leaf Version 4th Edition
Gwenn Wilson, MA | Lori Tyler, MS
ISBN-13: 9781337097215 | ISBN-10: 1337097217
© 2018 | Published |  288  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781285194509

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100% STUDENT SUCCESS, a text in the 100% Success Series, promotes student achievement by addressing practical tasks such as note-taking and reading strategies while encouraging students to develop skills that will serve them well beyond college, including critical thinking, goal setting, time management, and balancing life responsibilities. The fourth edition of 100% STUDENT SUCCESS retains important features such as Case in Point and Apply It! exercises. Journal prompts and short quizzes check students' understanding of key concepts and information.

    1. Strategies for College Success.
    Strategies for College Success: An Overview. The Importance of Education. Self-Reflection. Goal Setting. Getting the Most Out of Every Class.
    2. Human Behavior.
    The Importance of Understanding Human Behavior: An Overview. Influences on Human Behavior. Self-Image and Self-Esteem: An Overview. Effects of Success and Failure on Achievement.
    3. Overcoming Barriers to Achieve Success.
    Today's College Students. The Great Balancing Act. Barriers and Deterrents Facing Students. Methods for Overcoming Deterrents.
    4. Learning Strategies.
    Functions of the Brain in Learning. Learning Styles and Type Preferences. Active Learning. Teamwork in the Classroom. Successful Skills for Learning. Technology in the Classroom.
    5. Communication Skills for Student Success.
    Importance of Communication: An Overview. Effective Verbal Communication. Effective Written Communication. Tools to Assist with Writing.
    6. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.
    Critical and Creative Thinking. Problem Solving. Decision Making.
    Personal Traits and Decision-Making Skills. Using Professional Resources.
    7. Information Literacy.
    Introduction to Information Literacy. Defining Digital Literacy. Research: Strategies and Issues. Library Resources: The Basics. The Internet: Broadening the Resource Pool.
    8. Legal and Ethical Issues in the Academic Environment.
    Legal and Ethical Issues: Overview. Legal Issues: Harassment and Discrimination. Ethical Issues: Academic Honesty. Conflict Resolution.
    9. Financial Considerations for School Success.
    Finances and College. Financial Resources for College. Major Purchases and Buying Insurance. Saving for the Future.
    10. Nutrition and Fitness Strategies for the Successful Student.
    Nutrition and Fitness: An Overview. Nutrition: A Key Factor in Health and Energy Level. Sleep: An Essential Activity for the Successful Student. Exercise: Strategies for Avoiding Fatigue and Optimizing Energy.

    • Chapter-opening Learning Objectives outline the information in each chapter and help students identify key chapter concepts.
    • "Be in the Know" provides vignettes of real-world situations as they relate to the chapter content.
    • "Apply It!" activities give students an immediate opportunity to apply chapter concepts to their own learning through an individual activity, group work project, or activity based on the Internet.
    • "Success Steps" throughout the text provide a brief list of steps toward achieving various goals, offered as a summary of each process.
    • "Check Your Understanding" quizzes in every chapter provide an opportunity for students to review the material in the chapter and test their understanding of important concepts.
    • Journal prompts in the margin, along with critical-thinking questions, encourage students to reflect on what they have just learned and actively engage with content.
  • "A great starter text for a first-year program."

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  • Gwenn Wilson is a senior instructional designer with over 20 years of experience in Instructional Systems Design. She is a published author of many faculty guides, student guides, training CD-ROMs, customized curriculum for career colleges, and textbooks. As an outside consultant, Ms. Wilson has provided training and instruction for many Fortune 500 companies in areas such as sales training, leadership training, call center training, and technical training.

    As an educator for twenty years, Lori held various positions including instructor, program chair, and academic dean. During her time in education, providing quality curriculum, ensuring high student satisfaction, and achieving institutional compliance while being fiscally sound, were high on her list of accomplishments. In 2005, Lori developed her own company. Lori Tyler & Associates has been successful in authoring and co-authoring numerous textbooks, developing multimedia materials, and creating online and on-ground training programs for education institutions, corporate businesses, and publishing entities. In addition to material development, Lori travels throughout the United States conducting workshops on various topics and providing advice on how to achieve effective training programs.