Computerised Accounting: A Systematic Approach 1st Edition
Mellida Frost | Euan Sutherland
ISBN-13: 9780170371650 | ISBN-10: 0170371654
© 2018  |  672  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781486003952

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Computerised Accounting using MYOB® AccountRight 2016.2 (Student Edition) provides learners with clear, logical instructions in order for them to competently set up and apply MYOB® accounting software. This edition has a revised text, revamped by a fresh author team and technically reviewed by an independent consultant to ensure its currency, accuracy and relevance. Introduce your students to real-world applications and the requirements of the unit of competency.

  • Part A
    01 System overview
    Part B
    02 Introduction to MYOB
    03 Creating a new company file
    04 Creating charts of account
    05 Cash accounting
    06 Accrual accounting introduction
    07 Accounts payable
    08 Accounts receivable
    09 Inventory
    10 General ledger
    11 Understanding and setting up payroll
    12 Conducting payroll
    13 Timesheets and payroll obligations
    14 Business activity statements
    15 BAS: Simplified accounting system, FBT, fuel tax credits and paying BAS
    Part C
    Integrated activity 1
    Integrated activity 2

    • Intermediate Mapping Grid that maps the content against the unit FNSACC406 helps the trainer plan and design courses more efficiently
    • Learning-by-doing pedagogy helps learners practise and learn the computerised accounting principles through formative, summative and Integrated activities
    • The reasoning approach guides learners every step of the way to help them understand the logic behind every click of a mouse as they follow through the recipe-style instructions
    • Written and mapped to the unit of competency FNSACC406 - Set up and operate a computerised accounting system
    • Installable MYOB® AccountRight 2016.2 (Student Edition) and start-up files from companion website
    • Enhanced pedagogy helps learners unpack concepts by following step-by-step click-paths
    • Now in full-colour to increase engagement and connection with the content
    • Accompanied by a digital Computerised Accounting Practice Set using MYOB® AccountRight 2016.2 (sold separately) to enable students to practise and apply skills more confidently
For more information about these supplements, or to obtain them, contact your Learning Consultant

  • Mellida has over 20 years experience in account keeping; including preparing the payroll for over 200 employees, maintaining accounting systems and preparing monthly financial and management reports. The combination of high grades at university (including Commendations from the Board of Examiners) and varied practical accounting experience has resulted in a thorough understanding of the financial accounting process. She has completed her Masters of Professional Accounting and several advanced taxation courses through the Tax Institute.

    Her flair for systemising and simplifying administrative and accounting processes has led to a successful boutique business, specialising in troubleshooting and teaching employees to streamline business processes. Her teaching responsibilities at Curtin University have included teaching MYOB, Quickbooks and Accounting Technologies, as well as preparing tests and administration. Her ability to teach accounting subjects with zeal has led to student voted faculty awards for teaching. She is a regular Tax Help volunteer and enjoys baking and embroidery.

    Euan Sutherland is a MYOB-accredited author and has extensive experience in writing learning materials about Business Management Software. He is retired.