Income Tax Fundamentals 2017
Gerald E. Whittenburg | Steven Gill | Martha Altus-Buller
Income Tax Fundamentals 2018
Gerald E. Whittenburg | Steven Gill
ISBN-13: 9781337385824 | ISBN-10: 1337385824
© 2018 | Dec 2017 |  864  Pages
Previous Editions: 2017

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Provide your students with a concise, practical, and time-tested introduction to the most important areas of tax law with INCOME TAX FUNDAMENTALS 2018. For more than 30 years, this textbook has set the market-leading standard in tax education with a proven, step-by-step workbook format that incorporates real examples and uses actual tax forms. You can also use this book with the Intuit ProConnect tax software that accompanies each new edition. This book now combines effective end-of-chapter reinforcement with the option to use the CengageNOWv2 online course management and homework tool. INCOME TAX FUNDAMENTALS 2018 offers all of the resources you need to ensure your students gain the timely knowledge and ongoing skills to become proficient tax preparers.

  • 1. The Individual Income Tax Return.
    2. Gross Income and Exclusions.
    3. Business Income and Expenses, Part I.
    4. Business Income and Expenses, Part II.
    5. Itemized Deductions and Other Incentives.
    6. Credits and Special Taxes.
    7. Accounting Periods and Methods and Depreciation.
    8. Capital Gains and Losses.
    9. Withholding, Estimated Payments, and Payroll Taxes.
    10. Partnership Taxation.
    11. The Corporate Income Tax.
    12. Tax Administration and Tax Planning.
    Appendix A: Tax Rate Schedules and Tax Tables.
    Appendix B: Earned Income Credit Table.
    Appendix C: Withholding Tables.
    Appendix D: Additional Comprehensive Tax Return Problems.
    Appendix E: Solutions to Self-Study Problems.
    Glossary of Tax Terms.
    List of Forms.
    List of Schedules.

    • WEALTH OF PROBLEMS AND PRACTICAL QUESTIONS OFFER HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE FOR STUDENTS. You can be sure your students are practicing with the latest tax information. This book’s proven end-of-chapter questions, tax return problems, and test bank problems all reflect the dozens of standard changes, ranging from yearly cost of living tax rate increases to phase-ins and phase-outs of tax benefits.
    • STUDENTS WORK WITH THE LATEST PROFESSIONAL INTUIT PROCONNECT SOFTWARE. Your students have the opportunity to use actual Intuit ProConnect software for tax year 2017, which is available with each new copy of the book. Students can actually solve many of the 2017 Individual Income Tax Return problems in the book using this professional tool. The software is easy to master with many helpful features, including access to useful tips, calculators, and the most current tax information.
    • INTERNAL REVENUE CODE SECTIONS AND QUICK TAX REFERENCE GUIDE. Useful at-a-glance tools, including the Important Internal Revenue Code Sections and Quick Tax Reference Guide, feature critical information, such as the Tax Formula, provided in full color for easy reader reference.
    • UPDATES REFLECT THE LATEST CHANGES IN TAX LAW. This 2018 edition incorporates all of the tax law changes made through the time of publication.
    • TAX RETURN PROBLEMS NOW INCLUDE MORE "REAL-LIFE" SOURCE DOCUMENTS. Students learn to work with actual documents, such as Form W-2, and 1099s. These help preparers understand what they will actually encounter in the tax return preparation process today.
    • REVISED END-OF-CHAPTER QUESTIONS AND PROBLEMS WORK WITH CENGAGENOWV2. The author has carefully reviewed all problems in this edition and updated questions to make online homework using CengageNOWv2 seamless and more consistent with the printed book.
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  • Instructor's Companion Website (with Solutions Manual, Testbank, PowerPoint®) for Whittenburg/Gill's Income Tax Fundamentals 2018, 36th
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    Solutions Manual for Whittenburg/Gill's Income Tax Fundamentals 2018, 36th
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    Solutions Manual
    Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero® Instant Access for Whittenburg/Gill's Income Tax Fundamentals 2018
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  • On March 8, 2015, we unexpectedly lost our dear friend and co-author Gene Whittenburg. As the original author of INCOME TAX FUNDAMENTALS, Gene was critical in designing the forms-based approach that the book has used successfully for more than two decades. It is simply not possible to quantify the degree of our loss. Gene started his life in small-town Texas; entered the Navy; served his country in Vietnam, earned Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees; and served as a distinguished faculty member at San Diego State University for almost 40 years. The outpouring of sorrow and gratitude from countless former students and colleagues are a wonderful tribute to Gene’s love and devotion to teaching. We intend to continue to honor Gene by upholding his standard of publishing excellence for many years to come.

    Steven Gill is an associate professor in the Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy at the Fowler College of Business at San Diego State University. He received a BS in accounting from the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) an MS in taxation from Northeastern University (Boston, MA), and a Ph.D. in accounting (University of Massachusetts 2008). Prior to entering academia, Dr. Gill worked twelve years in the field of accounting, including roles in public accounting, internal audit, corporate accounting, and, ultimately, vice president of finance.

    Dr. Gill's research interests include a concentration in taxation, including mutual funds and college savings ("529") plans and wider interests in tax compliance behavior. He has taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and his teaching interests include taxation and both financial and managerial accounting. Dr. Gill is the author of INCOME TAX FUNDAMENTALS, a co-author on FEDERAL TAX RESEARCH and an editor on the 2018 SOUTH-WESTERN FEDERAL TAXATION series.