Employment Relations: An Integrated Approach 1st Edition
Ruth McPhail | Marjorie Jerrard | Amie Southcombe
Employment Relations 2nd Edition
Amie Shaw | Ruth McPhail | Susan Ressia
ISBN-13: 9780170376679 | ISBN-10: 0170376672
© 2018  |  480  Pages
Previous Editions: 2015

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This is the second edition of the well-regarded local text, Employment Relations. This new edition takes an even more practical approach to a complex area, considering both the industrial regulation and human resources dimensions of the employment relationship.

As well as providing a comprehensive guide to employment relations in Australia, the text also offers a selective international comparative view on the management of the employment relationship.

The text explains and emphasises the real-world connections between the important theories of industrial relations and human resources, which are key components of the employment relations discipline. The overarching aim is for students to gain a deeper understanding of the 'World of Work', through the discipline of Employment Relations.

  • 1. Introduction to employment relations
    2. The changing nature of work and employment
    3. The role of the state in regulating ER
    4. Employee representation and participation
    5. Employer strategy and employer representation
    6. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    7. Bargaining for Agreements
    8. Diversity and inclusion
    9. Workplace health and safety (WHS)
    10. Staffing
    11. Learning and development
    12. Performance management
    13. Reward management

    • Chapter-opening vignettes offer a short and visual industry example to give context to the key concepts of the chapter
    • NEW 'Industry insight' boxes feature a scenario from a local company or industry that demonstrates how chapter concepts are applied in real-world scenarios
    • NEW 'International Insight' boxes feature a scenario from an international perspective that demonstrates how chapter concepts are applied in international scenarios
    • NEW 'Interview with' boxes focus on key figures from industry to emphasise application of employment relations theory in professional practice
    • NEW 'Practical insights' boxes link theory to practical implications and how this theory is of value to students now and in their future working lives
    • NEW 'Information on Workplace Express' highlights the value of the Workplace Express resource for students
    • End-of-chapter features include summaries, discussion questions, and more detailed case studies to ensure students have grasped concepts and can apply these in the world of work
    • Cases matrix allows students to quickly find the case most relevant to their topic across all chapters
    • 'Finding the latest legislative information' explains the sources of law, citation style, and additional resources; legislative extracts are included for student understanding and revision
    • The second edition has been restructured to provide students and academics with greater accessibility and ease of use, covering all major aspects of the employment relationship
    • To help students make the connection between relevant theory and the practical implications, the second edition now has NEW boxes including: Industry insights; Interview with … ; ER professionals; International insights; Practical insights
    • Most recent employment legislation, statistics and case studies
    • Integrated in-text activities to link students to the online Search Me! and Workplace Express database resources for the latest in news and research in Employment Relations
    • Revised and more detailed concept map at the beginning of the text to help students navigate through the key concepts of the employment relationship
    • NEW online resources for development of student employability skills and ePortfolios
    • NEW Chapter 6 brings together the important topics of negotiation and conflict
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  • Dr. Ruth McPhail (B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD) is a Senior Lecturer at Griffith Business School, and Primary Program Director, Bachelor of Business. She has wide experience in management consulting, human resource management and leadership, having trained management teams in Australia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, the USA and India. She advises and trains with major multinational corporations, as well as Australian chains. Dr. McPhail was previously a high school educator before becoming a Director of Human Resources in industry before joining Griffith University. Currently, she teaches International human resource management and Leadership and self development

    Her research interests include cross cultural management, international human resource management, HR in Health Management and first year transition.