Understanding Operating Systems 7th Edition
Ann McHoes | Ida M. Flynn
Understanding Operating Systems 8th Edition
Ann McHoes | Ida M. Flynn
ISBN-13: 9781305674257 | ISBN-10: 1305674251
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Previous Editions: 2014

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Provide a clear, straightforward explanation of both operating system theory and practice for your students with UNDERSTANDING OPERATING SYSTEMS, 8E. As in previous trusted editions, this award-winning book's highly regarded structure begins with a valuable discussion of fundamentals before introducing specific operating systems. Fully updated, timely content offers an expanded analysis of how innovations, such as multi-core processing and wireless technologies, have impacted today’s operating systems. Revised Research Topics within this edition’s practical exercises encourage independent student research of emerging and influential topics. Updates throughout the final four chapters now highlight information on the most current versions of UNIX (including the latest Macintosh OS), Linux, Windows, and Android to prepare your students for success in working with today’s systems.

  • 1. Introducing Operating Systems.
    2. Early Memory Management Systems.
    3. Memory Management Includes Virtual Memory.
    4. Processor Management.
    5. Process Synchronization.
    6. Concurrent Processes.
    7. Device Management.
    8. File Management.
    9. Network Organization Concepts.
    10. Management of Network Functions.
    11. Security and Ethics.
    12. System Management.
    13. UNIX Operating Systems
    14. Windows Operating Systems.
    15. Linux Operating Systems.
    16. Android Operating Systems.
    Appendix A. Algorithms.
    Appendix B. ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

    • SPOTLIGHT ON 16 INDUSTRY INNOVATORS ENGAGES STUDENTS AND DEMONSTRATES HOW LEADERS HAVE SHAPED ADVACEMENTS. Each chapter highlights one significant innovator and demonstrates for readers how their accomplishments have furthered the field of computer science. This feature adds a human, relatable perspective to the technical content.
    • THOROUGH INTRODUCTION COVERS THE FUNDAMENTALS OF TODAY’S OPERATING SYSTEMS. Readers learn what operating systems are, what they do, how they function, how they can be evaluated, and how they compare with one another.
    • DISCUSSION OF SPECIFIC OPERATING SYSTEMS HIGHLIGHTS THE USES AND APPLICATION OF THEORY WITHIN EACH POPULAR OS CHOICE. The book’s presentation of Windows, Linux, and UNIX as well as Android and iOS, clearly illustrates for students how operating system theory is put into contemporary practice.
    • EXPANDED DISCUSSION DETAILS THE ADVANTAGES AND USE OF BOTH CLOUD COMPUTING AND CLOUD STORAGE. Students gain a better understanding of accessing data and programs via the cloud. Students examine uses of the cloud with other operating systems or as a standalone.
    • NEW READER-FRIENDLY EXAMPLES CLARIFY TOPICS. This edition now uses pseudo-code and prose descriptions that readers can easily understand, replacing the former examples in assembly language, which is no longer widely studied today.
    • REVISED NETWORKING DISCUSSIONS REFLECT EMERGING DESIGNS AND TECHNOLOGY. Timely new material guides students in examining the latest developments and advancements impacting networking today.
    • UNIQUE APPROACH EMPHASIZES STUDENT UNDERSTANDING AND ORIGINAL THINKING, RATHER THAN MEMORIZATION. Fresh new exercises still retain the book’s distinct focus on reader comprehension that extends well beyond mere memorization or cut-and-paste facts. Exercises also highlight examples and provide hands-on practice in working with calculations that are taught in the text.
    • HELPFUL CROSS-REFERENCES HIGHLIGHT CONCEPTS AT WORK WITHIN TODAY’S OPERATING SYSTEMS. This edition offers numerous cross references that help readers connect details about the four operating systems described in the book to overall concepts discussed in the beginning chapters.
    • NEW COVERAGE EMPHASIZES COMMAND-MODE OPTIONS. This edition now offers added emphasis on available command-mode options in each operating system for readers who want to explore their system more directly, without having to use the GUI menus.
    • TECHNICAL TOPICS ARE DISCUSSED IN EVERYDAY LANGUAGE. The book’s reader-friendly approach enables students to grasp such complexities as standalone versus networked computing systems.
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  • Ann McIver McHoes has been writing about computers for 25 years. She co-authored, with the late Ida M. Flynn, the first four editions of Understanding Operating Systems and is now sole author of this classic textbook, which has received awards for excellence from the Text and Academic Authors Association. She teaches at Duquesne University and has also taught business and computer science classes at Chatham University and Carlow University.