Beverage Services Skills 1st Edition
Lee Perlitz
ISBN-13: 9780170376242 | ISBN-10: 0170376249
© 2017 | Published |  240  Pages

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Beverage Services Skills provides the required volume of learning and a fully rounded skill set for people looking to qualify for the hospitality industry.

The unit-based approach helps instructors to deliver courses and administer assessments seamlessly.

The practical spiral-bound format with tear-out worksheets allows students to learn in classroom and hospitality settings and submit assignments easily.

Assessments are independently validated to ensure the tasks meet the four criteria of the Principles of Assessments.

Created in Australia for these five units of competency:
- SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety
- SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol
- SITHFAB003 Operate a bar
- SITHFAB001 Clean and tidy bar areas
- SITHFAB005 Prepare and serve espresso coffee

Institutions that offer Skill Sets and short courses can create a modular text from any of the five units, such as Responsible Service of Alcohol.

    1.1 Follow hygiene procedures and identify food hazards
    1.2 Report any personal health issues
    1.3 Prevent food contamination
    1.4 Prevent cross contamination by washing hands

    2 – Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol
    2.1 Sell or serve alcohol responsibly
    2.2 Assist customers to drink within appropriate limits
    2.3 Assess alcohol affected customers and identify customers to whom sale or service must be refused
    2.4 Refuse to provide alcohol

    3 – Operate a Bar
    3.1 Prepare bar for service
    3.2 Take drink orders
    3.3 Prepare and serve drinks
    3.4 Close down bar operations
    3.5 Work safely and reduce negative environmental impacts

    4 – Clean and Tidy Bar Areas
    4.1 Clean bar and equipment
    4.2 Clean and maintain public areas
    4.3 Work safely and reduce negative environmental impacts

    5 – Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee
    5.1 Organise coffee workstation
    5.2 Select and grind coffee beans
    5.3 Advise customers on espresso coffee beverages
    5.4 Extract and monitor quality of espresso
    5.5 Texture milk
    5.6 Serve espresso coffee beverages
    5.7 Clean espresso equipment

    • Written to the endorsed components of the relevant SIT Units of Competency to help trainers plan and deliver training effectively without missing any critical components
    • Resources available to help you plan, design and deliver effectively: Facilitator guides to provide teaching and marking guidance to assessor
    • Test Bank questions are editable and tagged with the corresponding elements and performance criteria to make assessment design easier for trainers
    • PowerPoint slides use the collection of artwork from the text - available for trainers who prescribe the textbook, can be customised to suit your teaching
    • PowerPoint slides are provided and customisable by trainers using the collection of artwork from the text.
    For more information about these supplements, or to obtain them, contact your Learning Consultant

    • Lee Perlitz has more than 35 years’ experience in the sales, marketing and training fields. Her background is corporate, having worked in the national senior management team of British Airways. During her years with BA, she developed and implemented joint national business plans and marketing strategies between BA and companies such as American Express and Thomas Cook, and was appointed to a global committee designed to grow the relationship between the companies. Since then Lee has worked in senior sales positions with the Telstra Corporation and the ANA Hotel Group. Lee entered corporate and vocational training in around 2000 and has worked as a trainer and an RTO manager, founding the Coomera Training College – the RTO arm of Coomera Anglican College. Lee now owns and operates an RTO consultancy and offers assistance and compliance services to RTOs Australia-wide. Lee has written more than 20 educational textbooks covering Business, Tourism, Retail and TAE studies.