New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2016, Comprehensive 18th Edition
June Jamrich Parsons
New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2018: Comprehensive 20th Edition
June Jamrich Parsons
ISBN-13: 9781305951495 | ISBN-10: 1305951492
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Previous Editions: 2016

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Give students a full understanding of today’s digital world with the cohesive framework and complete coverage in NEW PERSPECTIVES ON COMPUTER CONCEPTS 2018, COMPREHENSIVE. Leading technology author June Parsons provides the latest updates on emerging technology with engaging learning features, informative visuals and hands-on activities proven to increase learning effectiveness. An insightful overview highlights the evolution of today's digital technology as well as virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and the sharing economy that has emerged with apps such as Uber, Etsy, and Airbnb. Extensive coverage of social media and online security examines concepts behind today’s technology trends. Students explore the underlying principles supporting current digital devices with a focus on connectivity. This edition includes a hands-on programming module ideal to help students with no prior coding experience learn programming with immediate success using Python™.

    Digital Basics. Digital Sound. Bitmap Graphics. Vector Graphics. Digital Video. Lab: The Digital World with Eyes Shut.
    Device Basics. Device Options. Processors and Memory. Storage. Input and Output. Lab: What's Going on in There?
    3. NETWORKS. Network Basics. The Internet. Internet Access. Local Area Networks. File Sharing. Lab: Hack Your Net.
    4. THE WEB.
    Web Basics. Browsers. HTML. HTTP. 270. Search Engines. Lab: Design Your Home Page.
    Social Networking. Content Communities. Blogs and More. Online Communication. Social Media Values. Lab: Analyze Me.
    6. SOFTWARE.
    Software Basics. Operating Systems. Apps and Applications. Productivity Software. File Management Utilities. Lab: Put Your File Ducks in a Row.
    Unauthorized Use. Malware. Online Intrusions. Interception. Social Engineering. Lab: Chrome Lockdown.
    ICT Industry Basics. The Computer Industry. The Telecom Industry. Tech Careers. ICT Laws and Ethics. Lab: Perfect Your Profile.
    Information System Basics. Enterprise Applications. Systems Analysis. Design and Implementation. System Security. Lab: Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.
    10. DATABASES.
    Database Basics. Database Tools.
    Database Design. SQL. Big Data. Lab: SQL.
    Program Development. Programming Tools. Procedural Programming. Object-Oriented Code. Declarative Programming. Lab: Tunnels and Dragons.
    Hello World Python™ Style. Wacky Word Game. Build Your Own Calculator. Ask the Computer. Race Game.

    • QUICKCHECK EXERCISES HELP STUDENTS GAUGE COMPREHENSION. Located on almost every page, QuickCheck exercises ensure your students fully understand the concepts they have just read before they progress further.
    • QUICKQUIZZES TARGET KEY CONCEPTS. Found at the end of each section, QuickQuizzes help your students recognize and recall the book’s most important concepts.
    • END-OF-MODULE READINGS HIGHLIGHT CURRENT SOCIAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN THE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY TODAY. Issues and Computer in Context provide material for thought-provoking classroom discussions. Accompanying Try It! and What Do You Think? activities encourage students to gather timely information and think critically.
    • PROVEN HANDS-ON ACTIVITIES REINFORCE CONCEPTS WITH MEANINGFUL PRACTICE. Interactive Summary Questions, Interactive Situation Questions, and Lab Projects enable students to practice the specific skills covered in each module with practical, hands-on applications.
    • STUDENTS PRACTICE INFORMATION LITERACY SKILLS USING ONLINE TOOLS. A section in each module guides students in refining their skills in searching, selecting, organizing, evaluating, and citing source material. You can add Search Expert to your course to further help your students acquire skills and tools they can apply to research across any curriculum.
    • MODULES OFFER FLIPPED CLASSROOM PROJECTS. To engage today's students, many instructors like you have now turned to active learning based on collaborative research and problem solving. Each module includes a set of flipped classroom activities that encompass the technology concepts presented in the readings. You can effectively use these projects to set the scene and establish an exploratory structure for each learning module.
    • TRY IT! PROGRAMMING WITH PYTHON™ OFFERS HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE TO USERS. This unique module provides a hands-on introduction to programming. By following step-by-step instructions, your student learn to program successfully and immediately -- even if they have no prior experience.
    • DETAILED COVERAGE PROVIDES A COMPLETE INTRODUCTION TO TODAY’S SPECTRUM OF OPERATING SYSTEMS. This edition presents thorough coverage and examples of the latest Microsoft® Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS throughout the book. Your students leave your course with a basic understanding of how to perform basic system settings and file management tasks using today’s leading operating systems.
    • UPDATED SCREEN IMAGES THROUGHOUT REFLECT TODAY’S LATEST OPERATING SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS. New visuals incorporate the latest features of Microsoft® Windows 10, Office 2016, macOS Sierra, Android, and iOS to ensure that your students are prepared to work with the most current versions of these important tools.
    • NEW INTEGRATED THEME HIGHLIGHTS TODAY’S SHARING ECONOMY. Economists have dubbed it the "sharing economy" and it is now emerging as a significant application of Internet, cloud, and consumer-to-consumer technologies. This sharing economy theme appears in this edition’s introductory module with follow-through coverage in later chapters.
    • NEW MATERIAL HIGHLIGHTS CURRENT ADVANCEMENTS IN VIRTUAL REALITY. As one of the technologies driving widespread digital innovation, virtual reality offers fascinating glimpses of technology evolution built upon the foundational concepts of hardware components and graphics processing. Your students learn from timely coverage of Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Microsoft HoloLens, haptic gloves, and VR file formats in this edition’s Introduction, Module 1 and Module 2.
    • INTRIGUING NEW DISCUSSION EMPHASIZES TODAY’S USE OF AUGMENTED REALITY. This edition’s detailed presentation of Pokemon Go provides a fun illustration of current state-of-the-art developments augmented reality. "How does it work?" is a question that is sure to engage your students.
    • DETAILED NEW COVERAGE EXPLAINS THE USE OF AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES. Self-driving cars are on the road today, guided by artificial intelligence software that collects data from GPS, accelerometers, and gyroscopes. Your students learn how this "magic triangle" of technologies is instrumental in mobile phones, virtual reality, and other cutting-edge applications. This new edition explains this technology in detail and sparks meaningful discussion on safety issues.
    • UPDATED COVERAGE ADDRESSES SECURITY CONCERNS AND PROTECTION IN USE TODAY. Students review the latest threats, emerging attacks, and new defenses in technology today. This edition covers the most recent security events and their economic and political consequences.
    • UPDATES INTRODUCE THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN TODAY’S NETWORKS. Students examine the impact of faster cable Internet connections, speedier LTE, new Wi-Fi specifications, hotspots in cars, MU-MIMO, and new Internet governance. This edition’s Module 3 features detailed insights into these advancements.
    • NEW COVERAGE AND UPDATES PRESENT TODAY’S MOST CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES IN THE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY. The Information Technology field is evolving and expanding at an amazing pace and now presents one of the most lucrative career paths for graduates. This edition details many of the professional opportunities available.
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  • June Parsons purchased her first computer, an Apple II+, in 1981 and quickly became fluent in BASIC, dBASE II, Lotus 123, WordStar, and a variety of accounting programs. The next year she opened a successful small computer retail store with Dan Oja that also offered software instruction to children and adults. Dr. Parsons taught at the university level for more than 20 years. She holds a doctorate in Educational Technology and was certified by the ICCP in 1995. Dr. Parsons began writing and creating educational software for Course Technology in 1992. She contributed to the Windows for Business and Illustrated Series and developed the New Perspectives, e-Course, and Practical series. She works via the Internet with a team of highly skilled media specialists and desktop publishers located in various states and provinces.