Business Administration 2nd Edition
Kris Cole
ISBN-13: 9780170387033 | ISBN-10: 0170387038
© 2018 | Published |  496  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781740910415

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Students tackling Diploma of Business and Diploma of Business Administration must develop the skills to foster a successful, productive workplace with sound administrative systems. Kris Cole's Business Administration 2e addresses the demands of the BSB training package, and covers units common to both qualifications as well as additional electives.

The book begins with units covering Personal Skills and moves into management of others. Students can follow the development of one person's team in real world decision making, contextualising their learning. Instructors receive support in teaching from a clearly structured resource including a robust teacher package: testbank, additional cases, online research activities and editable PowerPoints to facilitate lesson planning.

  • Part 1 Personal Skills
    1. Managing your work priorities
    2. Establishing effective workplace relationships
    3. Developing, maintaining and projecting professional competence
    4. Communicating with influence
    5. Communicating through written and spoken presentations
    6. Leading and participating in meetings
    Part 2 Team Skills
    7. Building individual and team performance and productivity
    8. Leading your team
    9. Inspiring motivation
    10. Planning your team's work
    11. Building your team's skills with formal and informal feedback
    12. Building your team's skills with training
    13. Building better performance
    Part 3 Operational Skills
    14. Caring for your customers
    15. Designing administration systems
    16. Systematically solving problems and making decisions
    17. Innovating and continuously improving
    18. Developing plans that work
    19. Introducing change
    20. Identifying and managing risks
    21. Managing projects
    22. Organising meetings and conferences

    • All new digital resources for instructors to assist with lesson planning and delivery
    • Text features a running case - each chapter opening with an opening scenario and the end of chapter referencing an action plan using learning from the chapter
    • Contents are more clearly visible with a new long table of contents showing coverage at a glance
    • *NEW* easy to teach structure. Contents restructured so students begin with development of personal skills before moving on to developing team and operational skills
    • *NEW* reorganised chapters so that information is delivered in manageable sections. The table of contents has section heading for each chapter so that instructors can see contents at a glance. There are now 22 chapters instead of 14, matching your teaching and qualification structure
    • *NEW* content includes coverage of Project Management - an essential business skill
    • *NEW* pedagogy reiterates learning for student learning - "here's how", "top tips"
    • *NEW* teaching is easy with online teacher support with editable PowerPoints, testbank, additional case studies and more
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  • Kris Cole is Australia’s best-selling business author. Kris is also a highly regarded management consultant, keynote speaker and an authority on productivity, performance management, leadership and effective communication. She has created and led management training programs and assisted countless businesses, government organisations and not-for-profit organisations across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, to maximise their workplace effectiveness and productivity.

    Kris has a practical approach and a clear grasp of bottom line issues. Her books highlight current trends, benchmarks and best practices. In addition, her texts are known for their down-to-earth, engaging style. They offer practical ideas backed by solid knowledge, pertinent research and integration of everyday examples of how to lead, communicate, prioritise tasks and thrive in a changing work environment.

    Her qualifications include Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Industrial Psychology, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Technology and a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education.

    Kris also established her consulting company, Bax Associates, more than 20 years ago.