Company Accounting - Prepare financial reports for Corporate Entities 3rd Edition
Alexander D Mills
ISBN-13: 9780170374071 | ISBN-10: 0170374076
© 2018 | Published |  416  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781442505056

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The third edition of this well-known resource aligns and maps to the Financial Services Training Package FNS04 in regard to core unit FNSACC504: Prepare financial reports for corporate entities. Mills prepares students to meet the assessment requirements of the training package, which are based on current accounting standards and the requirement to demonstrate a capacity for independent research.

The text takes a concise and logical learning flow, with contents structured and streamlined to provide clear pathways for teachers and self-paced learners. The improved pedagogy supports learners to develop an understanding of accounting standards, compliance, disclosure and treatment of taxation, and applying that knowledge to prepare financial reports.

Help students to embed their learning through practice by value-packing the text with either a printed workbook or an online MS Excel workbook.

  • 1. Incorporated entities
    2. Capital raising
    3. Company operations
    4. Accounting for income taxes
    5. General purpose financial reports – statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income and statement of changes in equity
    6. Company financial reports – statements of financial position
    7. Company financial reports – statements of cash flows
    8. Business combinations
    9. Consolidated financial statements – wholly owned subsidiary
    10. Projects
    Answers for Check Your Progress questions

    • More examples to help students apply the principles they have learned
    • Aligned and mapped to the FNSACC504 core unit to help content delivery and assessment more effectively
    • New projects for learning and applying skills in a simulated context
    • More concise and logical learning path to provide clearer path for self-paced leaners
    • *NEW* Aligned and mapped to the new FNSACC504 Prepare Financial Reports for Corporate Entities core unit.
    • *NEW* Includes new projects – for learning and applying skills in a simulated context.
    • *NEW* Positive reduction of the advanced content not relevant to the Training Package, making learning more manageable
    • *NEW* Updated instructor resources that make lesson preparation easier
    • *NEW* Value packed with a workbook (print), or an online workbook (Excel) giving students choice and pricing flexibility
    • *NEW* Easily packages with Cengage's Bookkeeping textbook for the two prerequisite units FNSACC301 and BSBFIA401
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  • Doug Mills is an experienced and well-respected teacher and author with many years of experience in the VET sector. Before his retirement, Doug was a Company Accounting lecturer in TAFE NSW.