Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 6th Edition
Arjan J. van Weele
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 7th Edition
van Weele
ISBN-13: 9781473749443 | ISBN-10: 1473749441
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Previous Editions: 2014

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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  • SECTION I Core concepts
    1 The role of purchasing in the value chain
    2 Industrial buying behaviour: Decision-making in purchasing
    3 The purchasing management process
    4 Buying business services
    5 Contract management for complex projects
    6 Public Procurement
    SECTION II Strategy and planning
    7 Purchasing and business strategy
    8 Outsourcing and risk management
    9 Category sourcing: developing effective sourcing strategies
    10 Purchasing, innovation and quality management
    11 Purchasing, logistics and supply chain management
    12 Purchasing organization
    13 Performance measurement and governance in purchasing
    SECTION III Special topics
    14 Supplier management: cost approaches and techniques
    15 Purchasing, corporate social responsibility and integrity

    • A trusted resource which includes the latest developments in purchasing and supply chain management
    • Refined coverage of purchasing and business strategy and corporate social responsibility
    • Companion website with support materials such as PowerPoint slides, additional case studies and examination questions.
    • New case studies and Memo features bring current practice to life.
    • Thoroughly updated including coverage of the most recent changes in European public procurement directives.
    • Extended discussion on partnering and collaborative supply chain relationships.
    • Extended discussion on partnering and collaborative supply chain relationships.
  • This is a must for all scholars and researchers, alongside being ‘the’ reference book for practitioners at all levels. The text provides invaluable information with clarity and structure. The presentation of knowledge and expertise is supported in a logical manner by strong case material that is both relevant and interesting. The material builds on historical landmarks in this subject area and should be the cornerstone for all students and practitioners of purchasing methodologies or procurement practices; it is the first book I suggest to all of our students and my peers.

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  • Arjan J. van Weele holds the NEVI-Chair in Purchasing and Supply Management at Eindhoven University of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences (IE&IS) in the Netherlands. He has published widely and is a consultant to many large companies on procurement strategy and governance.