CTE Understanding Management with CB VitalSource eBook 9th Edition
Richard L. Daft | Dorothy Marcic
ISBN-13: 9789814624824 | ISBN-10: 9814624829
© 2015 | Published |  512  Pages

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Prepare for management success with this engaging survey of modern management practice. UNDERSTANDING MANAGEMENT, 9E seamlessly integrates classic management principles with today’s latest management ideas to create a responsive market-leading text that captivates today’s readers. Acclaimed authors Richard Daft and Dorothy Marcic cover management and entrepreneurial issues within small to midsize companies, where most readers begin their careers, as well as within larger global enterprises.

Readers gain valuable insights into real contemporary business as they examine today’s best management practices. This edition helps readers establish and build on practical skills with engaging examples and numerous skill-building and application exercises in every chapter. Using a streamlined format, this edition takes a close look at how change demands innovation and how innovation requires forward-thinking, flexible leaders and organizations. UNDERSTANDING MANAGEMENT, 9E provides everything you need to become a successful manager who seizes business opportunities and leads change.

    1. Innovative Management for a Changing World.
    2. The Environment and Corporate Culture.
    3. Managing in a Global Environment.
    4. Managing Ethics and Social Responsibility.
    5. Managerial Planning and Goal Setting.
    6. Managerial Decision Making.
    7. Designing Adaptive Organizations.
    8. Managing Change and Innovation.
    9. Managing Human Resources and Diversity.
    Part V: LEADING.
    10. Understanding Individual Behavior.
    11. Leadership.
    12. Motivating Employees.
    13. Managing Communication.
    14. Leading Teams.
    Part VI: Controlling.
    15. Managing Quality and Performance.
    Appendix: Managing Small Business Start-Ups.

    • ARE YOU READY TO BE A MANAGER? QUESTIONNAIRE MAKES MANAGEMENT PERSONAL FOR STUDENTS. A short chapter-opening questionnaire asks students to take a brief personal inventory before they dive into chapter topics, bringing management principles to the forefront through self-assessment.
    • REMEMBER THIS FEATURES REINFORCE LEARNING. At the end of each major section of a chapter is a Remember This bullet-point summary of the key concepts, ideas, and terms discussed in that section. The Remember This list gives students an easy way to review the salient points covered in the chapter.
    • "ON THE JOB" VIDEO CASES PROVIDE BEHIND-THE-SCENES INSIGHTS INTO TODAY’S BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT. An "On the Job" Applied Video Case in each chapter features real-world managers performing their duties in actual business environments. Managers candidly discuss today’s challenges and share professional insights during brief interviews. These unique Video Cases illustrate the real value and application of the management concepts students are learning.
    • VARIETY OF ENGAGING LEARNING FEATURES FOCUSES ON MANAGEMENT IN PRACTICE IN LEADING ORGANIZATIONS. Throughout this edition, "Benchmarking" features highlight effective techniques that outstanding managers and companies have developed. "Spotlight On" boxes focus on key practices at work throughout today’s diverse organizations. These proven learning features and others help students better understand the value and practical application of the key management concepts they’re learning for today’s business success.
    • END-OF-CHAPTER EXERCISES ENCOURAGE SELF-ASSESSMENT AND ENABLE FURTHER EXPLORATION. A variety of proven questionnaires, interesting business scenarios, and engaging individual or group activities encourage students to assess their knowledge of management issues and to explore how key management topics apply to their personal career goals. Students analyze, discuss, and hone their diagnostic skills in management problem solving as they review brief but substantive Management Cases at the end of each chapter. Many cases feature companies students will recognize instantly, whereas others present actual management events without disclosing the identities of the companies and managers involved
    • "BUSINESS BLOOPERS" DEMONSTRATE HOW TO LEARN FROM COMMON MANAGEMENT MISTAKES. Mistakes are common in business and are an ongoing source for invaluable learning opportunities. Intriguing "Business Bloopers" throughout this edition explore well-known and significant mistakes real businesses have experienced as well as their subsequent responses and ultimate outcomes.
    • This edition includes a new bonus feature that looks at how companies are using smart management practices to reduce their impact on the planet. The Green Power boxed feature in every chapter highlights companies such as Acciona using green real estate development practices, Subaru Indiana Automotive creating a zero-landfill manufacturing plant, and SAP hiring a chief sustainability officer.
    • In-text examples, highlighted with blue brackets in this edition, have always provided outstanding illustrations of forward-thinking businesses, and in the 9th edition, the companies featured in this section have been updated to represent a broader range of large and small companies as well as international firms. Students will recognize familiar powerhouses such as Toyota, JetBlue, Trader Joe’s, and Gap Inc. and will be introduced to an array of smaller international firms such as Bremen Castings, Inc., Godrej & Boyce, Semco, and Illumination Entertainment.
    • Manager’s Self-Test and Spotlight on Skills are two of students’ favorite features appearing in every chapter of the book, and many of these features have been updated to reflect the latest in management thinking. New Spotlight on Skills topics include goal setting, time management tips, creative problem solving, and ace interviewing techniques. New Manager’s Self-Tests explore students’ aptitude for servant leadership, teach them how to delegate, and help them develop a personal mission statement.
    • UNDERSTANDING MANAGEMENT, 9E also has been thoroughly updated to provide the latest data and research findings on important management theories, including new technologies, globalization, social media, competitive dynamics, the functioning of multinational corporations, environmental uncertainty, adaptive organizations, and sustainability.
    • In addition to the On the Job video series, UNDERSTANDING MANAGEMENT 9E’s DVD also includes a new set of 32 Manager Challenge video series. Whereas the On the Job videos provide real-world "do this" examples, the Manager Challenge series offers the flip side--the "don’t do this" examples you’ve always wanted to show students. Engaging and often humorous, the videos follow a set of struggling managers as they grapple with saving their fictitious doughnut company, Caffeine & Crullers.
    • All developed with the goal of getting students to Engage, Connect, Perform, and Lead, a host of updated digital solutions facilitate student learning while saving you valuable time. The prebuilt Aplia™ homework solution has been completely updated with new content that offers a variety of media-based and text-based questions from which you can choose. These questions are autogradable and feed directly to the digital gradebook, saving you time in grading. These questions not only confirm understanding of key concepts and challenge students to apply what they've learned but also provide valuable feedback to students to reinforce the core content of the course.
    • MindTap™ for Daft/Marcic Understanding Management, 9e is a new personal learning experience that combines all of your digital assets--readings, multimedia, activities, assignments, and assessments--into a singular learning path to improve student outcomes.
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  • Richard L. Daft, Ph.D., is the Brownlee O. Currey, Jr. Professor of Management and Principal Senior Lecturer in the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University, where he specializes in the study of leadership and organization theory. Dr. Daft is a fellow of the Academy of Management and has served on the editorial boards of Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, and Journal of Management Education. He was associate editor-in-chief of Organization Science and associate editor of Administrative Science Quarterly. Dr. Daft has authored or co-authored 13 books, including The Executive and the Elephant, Organization Theory and Design, and Management. He also has authored dozens of scholarly articles, papers, and chapters, and he has published in the Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management; Accounting, Organizations and Society, Management Science, MIS Quarterly, and Organizational Behavior Teaching Review. Dr. Daft has received several government research grants in organization design, organizational innovation and change, strategy implementation, and organizational information processing. An active teacher and respected consultant, Dr. Daft has served as associate dean and helped manage a start-up enterprise. He has been involved in management development and consulting for numerous organizations, including the American Banking Association, AutoZone, Bridgestone, Vulcan Materials, TVA, Pratt & Whitney, Allstate Insurance, State Farm Insurance, the United States Air Force, the U.S. Army, Central Parking System, USAA, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

    Dorothy Marcic, EdD, MPH, is a professor at Columbia University and a former faculty member at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Marcic is also a former Fulbright Scholar at the University of Economics in Prague and the Czech Management Center, where she taught courses and did research in leadership, organizational behavior, and cross-cultural management. She teaches courses at the Monterrey Institute of International Studies and at the University of Economics in Prague, and she has taught courses and given presentations at the Helsinki School of Economics, Slovenia Management Center, College of Trade in Bulgaria, City University of Slovakia, Landegg Institute in Switzerland, the Swedish Management Association, Technion University in Israel, and the London School of Economics. She has served on the boards of the Organizational Teaching Society, the Health Administration Section of the American Public Health Association, and the Journal of Applied Business Research. Dr. Marcic has authored 12 books, including Organizational Behavior: Experiences and Cases, (South-Western Publishing, 6th Edition, 2001), Management International (West Publishing, 1984), Women and Men in Organizations (George Washington University, 1984), and Managing with the Wisdom of Love: Uncovering the Virtue in People and Organizations (Jossey-Bass, 1997), which was rated one of the top 10 business books of 1997 by Management General. In addition, she has had dozens of articles printed in publications such as Journal of Management Development, International Quarterly of Community Health Education, Psychological Reports, and Executive Development. Professor Marcic has conducted hundreds of seminars on various business topics and consulted for executives at various companies.