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DigiExam is the next generation exam platform, founded in October 2011 with the purpose of making digital examinations available for everyone.


Built upon the latest technology with a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, DigiExam removes the tedious parts of handwritten examinations for students and brings exams into the 21st century, by allowing students to express themselves with tools they are used to and work with daily. Instructors use DigiExam to create and customise text based, single choice or multiple choice questions. A fully online examination saves time grading handwritten and unreadable exams.



DigiExam and Cengage Learning


DigiExam is both simple and secure. It allows instructors to use their time on more important things, such as inspiring and engaging with students. Cengage Learning is now partnering with DigiExam as their exclusive agent in the Asia region.

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Benefits with DigiExam

One Solution

DigiExam is a completely digital solution - allowing administration before, during and after an exam.

Reliability and backups

DigiExam was founded with a strong focus on reliability - to always be able to start and hand in an exam. Digital exams are no longer dependent on an internet connection.

Create a digital library

Keep precious knowledge. Digital exams, test and quizzes are saved and can be re-used in your DigiExams library. This way, no knowledge is lost and it's a quicker way to create new exams.

Bring your own device

Students bring their own laptop to the examination instead of a pen and paper. They then complete the exam in the cheat-proof and reliable application.

Increased legal security

Digital exams can be written anonymously. It's now also easier for students to prove their knowledge - with a tool they're used to - their laptop.

Smart and flexible

The instructor uses the web application; built to give access to DigiExam in any place, and on any device. Access DigiExam from the office, train or even the beach.

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