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CTE Discovering Computers ©2018: Digital Technology, Data, and Devices with CB VitalSource eBook 1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat | Susan L. Sebok | Steven M. Freund | Jennifer T. Campbell | Mark Frydenberg
ISBN-13: 9789814780995 | ISBN-10: 9814780995
© 2018 | Published |  428  Pages

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Learn to maximize the use of mobile devices, make the most of online tools for collaboration and communication, and fully utilize the web and cloud with the latest edition of DISCOVERING COMPUTERS 2018. Clearly see how technology skills can assist you both in gaining employment and advancing your career. This edition highlights web development, how to create a strong web presence, and take full advantage of the latest Windows 10. To keep your instruction as current as possible, online coverage of contemporary technology developments builds on the book’s timely discussions.

The authors provide helpful suggestions within a proven learning structure and emphasize meaningful practice to reinforce your skills. Self-assessments open each module and enable you to focus your study and learn more in less time. DISCOVERING COMPUTERS presents the key content you need to succeed, using an approach that ensures understanding.

  • 1. Introducing Today’s Technologies: Computers, Devices, and the Web.
    2. Connecting and Communicating Online: The Internet, Websites, and Media.
    3. Computers and Mobile Devices: Evaluating Options for Home and Work.
    4. Programs and Apps: Productivity, Graphics, Security, and Other Tools.
    5. Digital Security, Ethics, and Privacy: Threats, Issues, and Defenses.
    Focus On: Technology Timeline.
    6. Computing Components: Processors, Memory, the Cloud, and More.
    7. Input and Output: Extending Capabilities of Computers and Mobile Devices.
    8. Digital Storage: Preserving Content Locally and on the Cloud.
    9. Operating Systems: Managing, Coordinating, and Monitoring Resources.
    10. Communicating Digital Content: Wired and Wireless Networks and Devices.
    11. Building Solutions: Database, System, and Application Development Tools.
    12. Working in the Enterprise: Systems, Certifications, and Careers.
    Focus On: Web Development.
    Appendix A: Technology Acronyms.
    Appendix B: Troubleshooting Computer and Mobile Device Problems.

    • HELPFUL WEB DEVELOPMENT APPENDIX EMPHASIZES SKILLS FOR CREATING A STRONG WEB PRESENCE. With this optional content, you have the flexibility to highlight key skills students need to establish and maintain a strong presence on today’s Web. You can offer hands-on practice in creating a website using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript technologies.
    • UPDATED REFERENCES REFLECT MICROSOFT® WINDOWS 10. Your students learn to take full advantage of the latest features of Microsoft® Windows 10 as they progress throughout this edition.
    • BOOK’S STRUCTURE AND ORGANIZATION IMPROVES RETENTION AND UNDERSTANDING. The authors have used their teaching experience and technical expertise to present the information in a way that encourages students to retain the material. The book’s unique approach is specifically designed to encourage your students to develop strong technology literacy skills.
    • TIMELY, FOCUSED MODULES HIGHLIGHT TOPICS MOST IMPORTANT FOR STUDENT SUCCESS. All content is structured using a proven approach to enhance the reader’s learning experience and highlight key information students need to know at home, at school, and at work.
    • END-OF-MODULE ASSIGNMENTS PROVIDE CRITICAL HANDS-ON PRACTICE. The authors have carefully designed all assignments to help students develop the skills that are most important for their success in your course and in their future coursework and employment.
    • UNIFYING THEMES CONNECT FEATURE BOXES AND MARGIN NOTES. Interesting in-module feature boxes and content reinforces each module’s theme and effectively directs readers’ attention to practical applications.
    • ROBUST LEARNING FEATURES REFINE CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS. Consider This boxes, Ethics and Issues boxes, and questions posed throughout the book challenge students to critically evaluate and determine solutions for contemporary technology dilemmas.
    • EXPANDED COVERAGE INTRODUCES TODAY’S WEB AND CLOUD APPS, VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY, AND CROWDSOURCING. Students become familiar with the latest computer advancements as this edition’s timely coverage and online support address emerging issues and reflect the most recent applications and tools available.
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  • Misty E. Vermaat has more than 25 years of experience in the field of computer and information technology. In addition to consulting in the field, she was an Associate Professor at Purdue University Calumet, teaching or developing Microsoft® Office, computer concepts, database management, systems analysis and design, and programming courses. Since 1990, Ms. Vermaat has led the development of the Shelly Cashman Series and has written or co-authored numerous Series textbooks, including many editions of DISCOVERING COMPUTERS, DISCOVERING COMPUTERS FUNDAMENTALS and Microsoft® Word books.

    Susan L. Sebok is a retired professor at South Suburban College in South Holland, Illinois. She is also a licensed attorney. Ms. Sebok has co-authored several successful textbooks for the leading Shelly Cashman Series, including multiple versions of Microsoft® PowerPoint® and DISCOVERING COMPUTERS.

    Steven M. Freund attended the University of Central Florida and serves as a leader instructor of various Microsoft® Office, computer concepts, programming, and Internet technology courses throughout Central Florida. An integral author for the successful Shelly Cashman Series since 2001, he has presented at the annual customer conference, the Shelly Cashman Series Institute, as well as other customer events. Mr. Freund has co-authored multiple editions of DISCOVERING COMPUTERS, Mozilla Firefox, Windows® Internet Explorer, Windows®, Office, and Dreamweaver books. He has also written numerous successful instructor supplements..

    In addition to co-authoring TECHNOLOGY FOR SUCCESS texts, Jennifer T. Campbell has written and co-authored several other leading technology texts, including DISCOVERING COMPUTERS, DISCOVERING THE INTERNET, WEB DESIGN: INTRODUCTORY, MICROSOFT® EXPRESSION WEB INTRODUCTORY CONCEPTS AND TECHNIQUES, COMPUTER LITERACY BASICS: MICROSOFT® OFFICE 2007 COMPANION and MICROSOFT® OFFICE QUICK REFERENCE POCKET GUIDE. Ms. Campbell has served integral roles in computer textbook publishing as an editor, author and marketing manager. She holds a B.A. in English from The College of William and Mary.

    Mark Frydenberg is a Senior Lecturer of Computer Information Systems at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. He also serves as the Director of the CIS Sandbox, Bentley’s technology social learning space, which prepares students to succeed in their CIS courses and to thrive in a technology-driven business world. Professor Frydenberg teaches courses in technology concepts, Python and technology trends. His research focuses on digital literacy, collaborative learning and pedagogies for engaging students with technology. Professor Frydenberg has presented at academic and applied technology conferences and events throughout the U.S. and Europe. He is also an author of several editions of DISCOVERING COMPUTERS, and he authored WEB 2.0 CONCEPTS AND APPLICATIONS in the popular Shelly Cashman Series.