CTE Principles of Information Systems with CB VitalSource eBook 13th Edition
Ralph M. Stair | George Reynolds
ISBN-13: 9789814806688 | ISBN-10: 9814806684
© 2018 | Published |  500  Pages

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Develop an understanding of the core principles of IS and how it is practiced today with PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 13th edition. This edition combines the latest research with the most current coverage available as content highlights IS-related careers. You explore the challenges and risks of computer crimes, hacking, and cyberterrorism as well as the most current research on big data, analytics, and global IS and social networking. In addition, you examine business intelligence, cloud computing, e-commerce, enterprise systems, mobile computing, strategic planning, and systems acquisition. You learn how information systems can increase profits and reduce costs as you explore artificial intelligence, change management, data governance, environmental concerns, Internet of Everything, Internet censorship and net neutrality, virtual teams, and more. Interactive multimedia resources, MindTap™, help you maximize success as an employee, decision maker, and business leader.

  • 1. An Introduction to Information Systems.
    2. Information Systems in Organizations.
    3. Hardware and Mobile Devices.
    4. Software and Mobile Applications.
    5. Database Systems and Big Data.
    6. Networks and Cloud Computing.
    7. Electronic and Mobile Commerce.
    8. Enterprise Systems.
    9. Business Intelligence and Analytics.
    10. Knowledge Management and Specialized Information Systems.
    11. Strategic Planning and Project Management.
    12. System Acquisition and Development.
    13. Cybercrime and Information System Security.
    14. Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of Information Systems.

    • CASE STUDIES EXPLORE PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS FOR DILEMMAS IN REAL-WORLD ORGANIZATIONS. Providing a wealth of practical information for students, unique end-of-chapter cases follow a real company or organization that faces a problem or concept discussed in the chapter. You can assign these cases for homework or use them to prompt lively class discussion.
    • DETAILED COVERAGE PREPARES STUDENTS TO WORK WITH THE NEWEST DELIVERY MODELS IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS. You will find solid, timely coverage of strategic planning, project management, the waterfall model, Agile development, and the purchase software package processes. This coverage helps equip your students to take a major role in their organization’s software development and acquisition projects. Students are also introduced to several robust change models that they can use to increase the probability of success when introducing new information systems and processes.
    • UP-TO-DATE COVERAGE OF ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURES AND VIRTUAL TEAMS HIGHLIGHTS RECENT DEVELOPMENTS. This edition includes current research on virtual teams and work structures, coverage of the most popular social networking sites based on the number of unique visits per month, and insights on how companies use virtual organizational structures to manage mobile workers.
    • STUDENT-FRIENDLY, INVITING LEARNING FEATURES CAPTIVATE AND INFORM STUDENTS. Engaging critical-thinking exercises, memorable business examples, and intriguing cases throughout this edition actively involve your students in learning.
    • CLASSIC CASES APPEAR ON BOOK’S COMPANION WEBSITE FOR YOUR FLEXIBLITY AND CONVENIENCE. Several cases from the previous edition of this text are available on the book’s companion website to provide you with an even greater selection of real-world cases. Cases feature small, medium, and large businesses as well as non-profit organizations from around the world.
    • MINDTAP® ONLINE COURSE MANAGEMENT ALLOWS YOU TO MEASURE SKILLS AND OUTCOMES WITH EASE. Personalized teaching becomes yours through a highly customizable Learning Path built with key student objectives and the ability to control and add to what your students see. Analytics and reports provide a snapshot of class progress, time in course, engagement, and completion rates.
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    • INFORMATION SYSTEM PRINCIPLES AND LEARNING OBJECTIVES CLEARLY GUIDE STUDENT LEARNING. Each chapter begins with a set of information system principles that provide specific direction and guidance in decision making. One or more learning objectives are identified for each principle to help lead the learning process.
    • REAL, MEMORABLE EXAMPLES FEATURE FAMILIAR ORGANIZATIONS. Each chapter offers at least two dozen new examples of today’s real businesses and non-profit organizations applying the principles and concepts presented in the text. These real-world examples work with this edition’s cutting-edge coverage to equip students with both the IS and business skills they need for success as workers, managers, decision makers, and organizational leaders.
    • SUMMARIES LINK TO AND REINFORCE KEY PRINCIPLES. Each chapter concludes with a detailed summary. To ensure comprehension, each section of the summary is updated and directly connected to a specific critical information system principle.
    • END-OF-CHAPTER QUESTIONS AND EXERCISES OFFER RICH VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES. An extensive and robust set of practice opportunities at the end of each chapter include a Self-Assessment Test, Review Questions, Discussion Questions, Problem-Solving Exercises, Team Activities, Web Exercises, and Career Exercises.
    • "DID YOU KNOW?" FEATURES PROVIDE INTRIGUING DETAILS ABOUT INFORMATION SYSTEMS TODAY. Each chapter begins with a set of interesting real-world facts related to the chapter subject matter that piques the reader’s interest with relevant MIS content and provides motivation to read further.
    • CRITICAL-THINKING EXERCISES PROMPT ACTIVE LEARNING. These brief scenarios raise technical, organizational, behavioral, legal, and ethical issues that test the reader’s grasp of the material just covered. Exercises cause the reader to analyze and evaluate concepts, processes, procedures, and principles, rather than just remember facts. The reader must also rigorously question ideas and assumptions, becoming an active learner. A critical thinking exercise appears at the end of each major section, providing three to six exercises per chapter to assign for homework or to use in class discussion.
    • TEST BANK OFFERS VARIETY OF PROVEN QUESTIONS TO TEST STUDENTS’ COMPREHENSION. This edition’s updated and enriched test bank features both low- and moderate-level questions to more accurately assess student knowledge.
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  • Ralph Stair has taught Information Systems at many universities. He has published numerous articles and books including Succeeding with Technology, Programming in BASIC and many more.

    George Reynolds has taught Information Systems at the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University (Ohio), Miami University (Ohio), the College of Mount St Joseph and Strayer University. Professor Reynolds has authored more than two dozen popular textbooks addressing various aspects of today’s information technology and business.