CTE Cornerstones of Managerial Accounting with CB VitalSource eBook 6th Edition
Maryanne M. Mowen | Don R. Hansen | Dan L. Heitger
ISBN-13: 9789814732086 | ISBN-10: 9814732087
© 2016 | Published |  584  Pages

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Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Equip yourself with the managerial accounting knowledge you need to become a strong business leader with the unique integrated learning system in CORNERSTONES OF MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING, 6E. Based on hundreds of conversations with students like you, the CORNERSTONES approach presents materials the way most future professionals learn best. The book demonstrates step-by-step calculations for solving business problems to help you establish a strong foundation in the basics quickly, before moving forward. You then transition to analyzing and applying managerial accounting concepts. Rather than focusing on concepts in isolation, the book and CengageNOW present accounting as a system−emphasizing how the end result changes based on how the numbers affect each other. CengageNOW for the 6th edition now also focuses on helping to help you become an informed business decision maker, with author-written Blueprint Problems, Analyzing Relationships Problems and a host of new questions related to using and analyzing Excel.

  • 1. Introduction to Managerial Accounting.
    2. Basic Managerial Accounting Concepts.
    3. Cost Behavior.
    4. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis: A Managerial Planning Tool.
    5. Job-Order Costing.
    6. Process Costing.
    7. Activity-Based Costing and Management.
    8. Absorption and Variable Costing, and Inventory Management.
    9. Profit Planning.
    10. Standard Costing: A Managerial Control Tool.
    11. Flexible Budgets and Overhead Analysis.
    12. Performance Evaluation and Decentralization.
    13. Short-Run Decision-Making: Relevant Costing.
    14. Capital Investment Decisions.
    15. Statement of Cash Flows.
    16. Financial Statement Analysis.

    • Innovative Cornerstones Approach Increases Student Engagement While Improving Grades. Based on studies of student reading behavior and market research, this innovative approach first illustrates each major concept in a Cornerstone using a compelling example. Step-by-step calculations to solve a business problem follow. Finally, a link to a brief video segment reinforces and summarizes key concepts and procedures. End-of-chapter Cornerstones Exercises refer to Cornerstones in the chapter, allowing students to review relevant examples when completing assignments independently.
    • Animated Activities: Animated Activities in CengageNOW are the perfect pre-lecture assignment to expose students to concepts before class. These illustrations visually guide students through selected core topics using a realistic company example to illustrate how the concepts relate to the everyday activities of a business. Animated Activities are assignable or available for self-study and review.
    • Blueprint Connections: Blueprint Connections in CengageNOW are shorter extensions of the Blueprint Problems that build upon concepts covered and introduced within the Blueprint Problems. These scenario-based exercises help reinforce students’ knowledge of the concept, strengthen their analytical skills and are useful as in-class activities or as homework/review after lecture and before the exam.
    • "Experience Managerial Decisions" Vignettes Open Each Chapter and Videos Accompany in Cengagenow. Students see how familiar companies, such as Hard Rock Cafe, Cold Stone Creamery, Washburn Guitars, Google, Apple, and more, use accounting information to make better decisions. The chapter references the featured company throughout to emphasize the importance of managerial accounting concepts in the real world. Corresponding videos in the Experience Accounting Video Series further support the vignettes.
    • New CengageNOWv2 Closes The Gap Between Homework and Exam Performance. Some questions in CengageNOWv2 have been remastered for a better user experience and to less leading homework experience. The new Blank Sheet of Paper Experience eliminates drop-down menus and formatting that promotes guessing, Multi-Panel View decreases scrolling and shows students the big picture and Adaptive Feedback gives students specific guidance based on what they have entered. An Adaptive Study Plan and a streamlined assignment creation process are also new features available with CengageNOWv2.
    • New Online Test Bank Powered By Cognero® Makes Test Preparation Simple. Cengage Learning Testing Powered by Cognero® enables you to author, edit, and manage test bank content from multiple Cengage Learning solutions. You can create multiple test versions in an instant and deliver tests from your LMS, your classroom or wherever you want.
    • New "Cornerstones Show Me How" Videos Further Clarify Concepts. These videos are available for every Cornerstone example and are linked to the Cornerstone Exercises and available for self-study under the Study Tools tab in CengageNOW. These easy-to-follow problem walk-throughs offer additional hints and tips for clarification to help students when they get stuck.
    • New Conceptclips Animate Key Topics To Reinforce Learning. These videos address the challenge of understanding the "language of business" that students often face when first introduced to the subject matter. They provide students with a memorable auditory and visual representation of the important concepts of the chapter. They are assignable/gradable or can be referenced for students’ self study.
    • New Blueprint Problems Guide Students Step-By-Step Through Concepts. Brand NEW Blueprint Problems have been written for this edition by the authors themselves. You can assign these teaching problems to help students understand the fundamental accounting concepts and their associated building blocks–not just memorize the formulas. Written in a stepped approach, they are designed as an overview of the material, and then allow the student to then apply the concepts.
    • New Blueprint Problems Using Excel Have Students Use Excel as a Problem-Solving Tool. Provide your students with more real-world experience and knowledge of Excel by assigning these NEW author-created teaching problems. Based on the Blueprint Problems, these problems are ideal for analyzing data based on correct formulas in the student-created worksheet.
    • New Excel Tutorials Help Students Master Excel. Simple tutorial videos provide students with the extra help they may need to apply the correct formulas to their spreadsheets, without relying on their instructor to teach them Excel.
    • New Analyzing Relationship Problems Enhance Critical Thinking Skills. These author-written problems allow students to visually see interrelationships between core concepts by manipulating different variables. Various graphs change as students enter different pieces of information to visually demonstrate the impact.
    • New Analyzing Relationship Problems Using Excel Promote Sound Decision Making. Data used in each problem is derived from several Cornerstones examples throughout the chapter, which students analyze using Excel as a tool.
    • Additional Algorithmic Problems Further Prepare Students For Success. More algorithmic problems with this edition offer improved answer fields to equip students with the skills needed on-the-job.
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  • Dr. Maryanne M. Mowen is Associate Professor Emerita of Accounting at Oklahoma State University. She currently teaches online classes in cost and management accounting for Oklahoma State University. She received her Ph.D. from Arizona State University. Dr. Mowen brings a unique interdisciplinary perspective to teaching and writing in cost and management accounting, with degrees in history and economics. She has taught classes in ethics and the impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on accountants. Her scholarly research focuses on areas of management accounting, behavioral decision theory, and compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. She has published articles in journals, such as Decision Science, The Journal of Economics and Psychology, and The Journal of Management Accounting Research. Dr. Mowen has served as a consultant to mid-sized and Fortune 100 companies and works with corporate controllers on management accounting issues. She is a member of the Northern New Mexico chapter of SCORE and serves as a counselor, assisting small and start-up businesses. Outside the classroom, she enjoys hiking, traveling, reading mysteries, and working crossword puzzles.

    Dr. Don R. Hansen is Professor Emeritus of Oklahoma State University. He has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from Brigham Young University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in 1977. Dr. Hansen has published articles in both accounting and engineering journals, including The Accounting Review, The Journal of Management Accounting Research, Accounting Organizations and Society, Accounting Horizons, and IIE Transactions. He has served on the editorial board of The Accounting Review. His outside interests include family, church activities, reading, movies, and watching sports.

    Dr. Dan L. Heitger is the Deloitte Professor of Accounting and Co-Director of the Center for Business Excellence at Miami University. He received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University and his undergraduate degree in accounting from Indiana University. He actively works with executives and students of all levels in developing and teaching courses in managerial accounting, business sustainability, risk management, stakeholder management, governance, and business reporting. He co-founded an organization that provides executive education for large international organizations. His interactions with business professionals, through executive education and the Center, allow him to bring a current and real-world perspective to his writing. His published research focuses on managerial accounting and risk management issues and has appeared in HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW, BEHAVIORAL RESEARCH IN ACCOUNTING, ACCOUNTING HORIZONS, ISSUES IN ACCOUNTING EDUCATION, JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTANCY, and MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING QUARTERLY. His outside interests include hiking with his family in the National Park system.