Anatomy of the Chinese Business Mind: An Insider’s Perspective 1st Edition
Fangyuan Yuan | Meiru Liu
ISBN-13: 9789814239172 | ISBN-10: 9814239178
© 2009 | Published |  226  Pages

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This book is the first of its kind that provides a comprehensive overview and insightful analyses of Chinese business culture, behavioral patterns, and mind games from an insider’s perspective. It traces the underlying causes of these patterns and games in the context of Chinese philosophy, history, culture, political and economic systems, and regional features. It aims to cover all information essential to understanding the fundamental issues when an international business person conducts business in China or communicate with the Chinese community. It also presents a collection of real cases to illustrate and substantiate theoretical analyses and factual explanations in combination with plenty of useful practical advice and how-to tips.

This book is written for international business people doing business or intending to do business in China or with the Chinese community, foreign expatriates in China, young professionals and students planning to develop their careers in China, and tourists planning trips to China.

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  • Preface.

    Part One - A Birds Eye View of China.
    Chapter 1. China at a Glance.
    Chapter 2. Into Chinese Economy—Challenges and Opportunities.

    Part Two - Why the Chinese are Chinese.
    Chapter 3. Understanding Chinese Mentality (I).
    Chapter 4. Understanding Chinese Mentality (II).
    Chapter 5. Tracing the Roots of Chinese Business Culture.
    Chapter 6. Regional Differences in Business Culture.

    Part Three - Into the Chinese Business World.
    Chapter 7. Guanxi Talks.
    Chapter 8. Give Face to Others to Earn Success for Yourself.
    Chapter 9. In the Eyes of Each Other.
    Chapter 10. When in China, Do as the Chinese Do.
    Chapter 11. Behind the Negotiation Table (I).
    Chapter 12. Behind the Negotiation Table (II).
    Chapter 13. Eating and Drinking to Your Success.
    Chapter 14. Gift Exchanging Etiquette.
    Chapter 15. Counting to Your Colorful Success.


    • Insightful analyses of the philosophical and cultural underpinnings of the general behavior patterns and mentality of the Chinese business world.
    • Comprehensive coverage of topics on Chinese business culture including face, guanxi, regional cultures, and negotiation stratagems.
    • Case analyses of cross-cultural errors international business people tend to make in doing business with Chinese.
    • Insider’s perspectives, observations, and insights on what the Chinese expect foreigners to do and how and why foreigners should do on certain occasions.
    • Advice on how to balance what Western culture has trained its people to do and what the Chinese expect Western people to do.
    • Simple and reader-friendly in language and easy to follow in structure with plenty of illustrations.
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    • Dr. Fangyuan Yuan, an established researcher and educator in business Chinese and Chinese culture, has published widely and developed the largest college-level business Chinese program. She is a frequent presenter and invited speaker, as well as a recipient of ivy-league-consortium grant. She holds an assistant professorship at the US Naval Academy.

      Dr. Meiru Liu, language and culture professor, head and founder of business Chinese program and Director of Confucius Institute at Portland State University, has authored books on business Chinese and culture, Chinese politics, government, and economic reforms. She has presented and published numerous journal articles in her research areas.