Inside the Chinese Mind: A Guide on How the Chinese Think 1st Edition
Geoff Baker | Helen Zhang
ISBN-13: 9789814392778 | ISBN-10: 9814392774
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Co-authored by two “China Insiders”—one Western; the other, Chinese—both veteran business executives who have been working in China for over 25 years, Inside the Chinese Mind: A Guide on How the Chinese Think focuses on how the Chinese think conceptually, culturally, and practically, and how this relates and applies to contemporary China. The book is built around a central, balanced theme—to decipher why the Chinese behave in a certain manner when it comes to business dealings and working with foreigners. The book reveals the five core elements of Chinese thinking—Chinese language; the law of yin and yang; Chinese connectedness; midstream living; and mianzi (face)—that are fundamentally different from the West. It then takes the readers through these differences, particularly in the areas of leadership, work ethics, communication, conflict resolution, and intellectual property, which are crucial to the non-Chinese.

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  • 1. Introduction.
    2. Chinese Thinking: The Five Core Elements.
    3. The Emerging Superpower.
    4. Chinese Leadership.
    5. Work Ethics.
    6. How the Chinese Communicate.
    7. Chinese Relationships
    8. Small Things.
    9. Dealing with Conflict.
    10. Localization and Intellectual Property.
    11. Conclusion

    • Critical issues both in business and personal context
    • Offers both Chinese and Western perspectives of two veteran business executives, who have been working in China for over 25 years.
    • Each element is explained with the help of unique case studies and true encounters in a humorous and personal style.
    • Reveals five core elements of Chinese thinking that are fundamentally different from Western thinking.
    • “Marvelously perceptive, finding a balance between two worlds. A useful reminder that only when we engage in a foreign culture do we discover our own.” - Professor Charles Hampden-Turner, Cambridge, UK

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    • Geoff Baker is a lawyer working in the Asia-Pacific region and has a Commerce degree in accounting and financial management; a Law degree, and an MBA degree. He has extensive corporate and commercial legal expertise accumulated over 30 years of practicing law and as an investment banker. Geoff works in China, Japan, Australia, and many parts of Southeast Asia. Over the past 20 years, he has been active in China assisting companies in the region with a focus on corporate advisory services and inward foreign investment. He is the director of a number of companies (publicly listed as well as private) and currently owns and operates a number of businesses in the Asia-Pacific region.

      Helen Zhang 张海花 was born in mainland China and has lived and worked overseas for ten years including two years in Europe. She has over 20 years of experience in senior consulting, investment banking, and management positions in China, Australia, and Hong Kong. With a unique understanding of the Chinese and Western cultures, she is extensively involved in assisting international companies entering China and advising Western decision-makers regarding their China-related strategies. Helen is currently pursuing a PhD in culture for business at Cambridge University, UK. She also holds an MBA degree, a master of business in Finance from Australia, and a bachelor of arts in English Language and Literature from Peking University, China.