The Fung Group at 110: Four Generations of Enterprise and Evolution 1st Edition
Feng Bang-yan
ISBN-13: 9789814773768 | ISBN-10: 981477376X
© 2017 | Published |  208  Pages

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Chinese family businesses that continue to thrive for more than a century are few and far in between. Fung Group (formerly Li & Fung Group) from Hong Kong is one of them. Founded in 1906, the group underwent several generations of tough challenges through Fung Pak-liu, Fung Hon-chu, Victor Fung and William Fung during its 110 years of history. The group has developed from a traditional trader in the early founding years and evolved into a modern multinational enterprise, Fung Group, with headquarters in Hong Kong to provide global supply chain management services for its clients through businesses in trading, logistics, distribution and retailing, among others. Using concise and fluent expressions and valuable historical photographs, this book presents the Fung Group’s 110 years of development history and experiences, in particular the transformation and expansion since the global financial crisis in 2008, innovative developments in supply chain management, corporate social responsibility as well as the development opportunities and vision under China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative strategy.

  • List of figures and tables
    1. Early Developments: Li & Fung’s “Maritime Silk Road”
    2. Modernization and Specialization
    3. Mr. Fung Hon-chu and Black Cat Brand
    4. Going Global: Li & Fung’s Global Supply Chain Management
    5. Fung Group’s Licensed Brand Business
    6. From Li & Fung to Fung Group: Transformation and Development
    7. Developments of Fung Group in China
    8. Social Responsibility and Sustainability
    9. Vision
    Appendix: Chronology of Events

      • History of the organization showcases how a family company grew into a multinational corporation.
      • The book illustrates how the company managed to modernize and become a global supply chain management entity.
      • The challenges the Fung Group faced over the century and their vision for the future.
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    • Feng Bang-yan is a professor at the College of Economics of Jinan University. He was once the director of the university’s Institute on Hong Kong/Macau Economy (2000-2007) and the dean of the College of Economics of Jinan University (2005-2008). He also served as a member of the CPPCC Guangdong Provincial Committee, counselor of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government decision and consultation expert of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, vice president of Guangdong Economic Association and other social functions. From 1987 to 1994, he went to Hong Kong to take up the post of economic analyst at the Southeast Economic Information Center. He is engaged in the research of the economy, finance, capital, consortia and other aspects of Hong Kong. His major works include British Conglomerates in Hong Kong 1841-1996, Chinese Conglomerates in Hong Kong 1841-1997, A Hundred Years of Li & Fung – Supply Network Orchestrator for Asia and Beyond, Hong Kong’s Property Sector in the Past Century, and Hong Kong’s Financial Sector in the Past Century.