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CTE Global Business with CB VitalSource eBook 4th Edition
Mike Peng
ISBN-13: 9789814780094 | ISBN-10: 981478009X
© 2018 | Published |  460  Pages

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Discover success in global business today with the most strategic approach to international business topics and unique coverage not found in other texts. GLOBAL BUSINESS, 4th Edition, is the first global business book that answers the big question, "What determines the success and failure of firms around the globe?" Globally renowned scholar and author Mike Peng integrates both an institution-based view and resource-based view in every chapter, bringing an unparalleled continuity and strategic approach to the learning process. The book combines an inviting, conversational style with the latest research and examples that reflect the most recent global developments. A wealth of business cases from Mike Peng and other respected international experts delve into how companies throughout the world have expanded globally. All-new video cases that cover each chapter's opening case and closing case, world maps that connect geography and culture to business decisions, and unique global debate sections that draw you into cutting-edge international discussions help you learn to think independently and view business challenges from a truly global perspective. With GLOBAL BUSINESS, 4th Edition, you view business through the eyes of a true world citizen and gain the understanding you need to become an effective manager within today's global business landscape.

    1. Globalizing Business.
    2. Understanding Formal Institutions: Politics, Laws, and Economics.
    3. Emphasizing Informal Institutions: Cultures, Ethics, and Norms.
    4. Leveraging Resources and Capabilities.
    Peng Atlas.
    Integrative Cases.
    5. Trading Internationally.
    6. Investing Abroad Directly.
    7. Dealing With Foreign Exchange.
    8. Capitalizing on Global and Regional Integration.
    Peng Atlas.
    Integrative Cases.
    9. Growing and Internationalizing the Entrepreneurial Firm.
    10. Entering Foreign Markets.
    11. Managing Global Competitive Dynamics.
    12. Making Alliances and Acquisitions Work.
    13. Strategizing, Structuring, and Learning Around the World.
    Peng Atlas.
    Integrative Cases.
    14. Competing on Marketing and Supply Chain Management.
    15. Managing Human Resources Globally.
    16. Financing and Governing the Corporation Globally.
    17. Managing Corporate Social Responsibility Globally.
    Peng Atlas.
    Integrative Cases.
    Name Index.
    Organization Index.
    Subject Index.

    • PengAtlas: The PengAtlas sections at the end of each part in the text highlight world geography that corresponds with the text concepts. Four to six maps in each atlas address wide-ranging topics such as emerging economies, imports/exports, CO2 emissions, and the flow of FDI. End-of-chapter review questions correspond with the maps and further emphasize the impact of geography on business decisions.
    • Entrepreneurial Firm Chapter: Chapter 9's focus on entrepreneurship provides an excellent balance to the book's heavy emphasis on major multinational firms by exploring global business from a small-business perspective.
    • Unique Strategic Perspective: Peng's unique strategic perspective gives students a better understanding of why firms succeed in highly competitive global environments. This edition continues its unique and market-winning coverage, asking the big question, "What determines the success and failure of firms around the globe?" The book highlights the managerial implications of global business with integrated coverage from an institution-based view and resource-based view not offered in other texts.
    • Cutting-edge Evidence-based Coverage: A National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER award winner and a Fellow of the Academy of International Business (AIB), Peng is the most research-active IB textbook author in the field. Recently, he won the JIBS Decade Award (2015) and the Academy of Management Perspectives Best Impact Award (2014). He is one of the 95 scholars in the field of economics and business listed among The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds (Thomson Reuters, 2014). Informed by the latest, most comprehensive range of research, this edition highlights leveraging resources and capabilities; global entrepreneurship; managing corporate social responsibility, and more.
    • Critical Thinking: Debates and extensions sections in every chapter engage students in cutting-edge debates and encourage them to think critically. These captivating discussions highlight how global business is a dynamic field that is constantly changing. The "Savvy Manager" features that follow focus on important lessons for students pursuing interests in global business.
    • Online Resources: MindTap® for Peng's GLOBAL BUSINESS, 4th Edition, is the digital learning solution that helps instructors engage and transform today's students into critical thinkers. Through paths of dynamic assignments and applications that you can personalize, real-time course analytics and an accessible reader, MindTap helps you turn cookie cutter into cutting edge, apathy into engagement, and memorizers into higher-level thinkers.
    • Enhanced Focus on Emerging Markets: Mike Peng brings a new focus on emerging markets to this edition, encompassing both the emerging economies that major multinationals are finding increasingly attractive and the up-and-coming multinational firms headquartered in those emerging economies. GLOBAL BUSINESS, 4th Edition, includes numerous special "Emerging Markets" features on companies such as The (new) East India Company, Wal-Mart in Brazil, Gulfstream in China, and Pearl River Pianos' multinational expansion, as well as exploring topics such as the future of the global economy in 2050, the peril and promise of Russia, the future of Cuba, Indian FDI in the UK, Chinese exporters in Africa, and the Ebola challenge.
    • New Videos: As a new video feature (and the first in the industry), GLOBAL BUSINESS, 4th Edition, introduces videos to support the Opening Case and Closing Case of every chapter. Strengthening key learning objectives for every chapter, these up-to-date real-world examples address topics such as the future of the global economy, LEGO's secrets, the story behind Sriracha, the rise of Alibaba, Germany's unhappiness about EU bailouts, and many more. Videos complement the Opening and Closing Cases and add perspective to the narrative and data presented in the cases. A complete Video Guide is available to assist instructors in integrating this resource into classroom presentations.
    • New Articles and Insights: News articles have been selected to give students greater understanding and alternative perspectives about the cases. Business Insights provide a resource to access industry and company information, as well as news and other information that can make the case assignments more enriching.
    • New Cases: With 28 Integrative Cases, the fourth edition of GLOBAL BUSINESS features more Integrative Cases than prior editions. Such a significant expansion of case selection enables students to examine a more diverse set of current and important global business phenomena, such as reverse innovation from the base of the pyramid; the future of Cuba; political risk of doing business in Thailand, from offshoring to reshoring; recommendations to enhance UK export competitiveness; the myth behind China's OFDI; and the antitrust case on the AT&T-T-Mobile merger. There is also more Author Involvement in Case Writing: Professor Peng has devoted a significant amount of efforts in case writing. He has authored 16 of the 28 Integrative Cases.
    • Updated Examples: Nearly all of the real-world examples found in every chapter's Opening Cases, Closing Cases, and In Focus features are new. The book covers everything from well-known names like Apple, Fiat Chrysler, LEGO, McDonald's, Samsung, and Toyota, to less-familiar but emerging powerhouses, including Alibaba, Emirates, Etihad, Foxconn, Natura, and Sriracha.
    • Extra Focus on Culture: Ethics and ethical issues have always been addressed throughout the book, but now there is an extra focus on culture as well. Culture-based questions have been added to the end-of-chapter review and discussion questions to help students develop international cultural literacy.
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  • Mike Peng is the Jindal Chair of Global Business Strategy at the Jindal School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas. A National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award winner, Professor Peng is a fellow with the Academy of International Business and listed among Thomson Reuters' The World's Most Influential Scientific Minds. His recent research awards include the Journal of International Business Studies Decade Award (2015) and the Academy of Management Perspectives Best Impact Award (2014). He holds a bachelor's degree from Winona State University, Minnesota, and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington, Seattle. Prior to joining UT Dallas, Professor Peng was on the faculty at The Ohio State University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and University of Hawaii. In addition, he has held visiting or courtesy appointments in Australia, Britain, Canada, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. This award-winning professor is widely regarded as one of the most prolific and influential scholars in global business, and he has garnered many research grants for his work. The United Nations and the World Bank have cited his work in major publications. Truly global in scope, his research focuses on firms' strategies in diverse regions such as Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and North America. He has published over 120 articles in leading academic journals and authored five books. Professor Peng has served on the editorial boards of the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of International Business, and Strategic Management Journal. He was the editor-in-chief of the Asia Pacific Journal of Management and is currently a senior editor of the Journal of World Business. Professor Peng is also an active trainer and consultant, and his consulting clients include AstraZeneca, Mass Transit Railway Hong Kong, SAFRAN, Springer, UK Government Office for Science, US Navy, and Texas Instruments.