Illustrated Computer Concepts and Microsoft® Office 365 & Office 2016 1st Edition
June Jamrich Parsons | David Beskeen | Carol M. Cram | Jennifer Duffy | Lisa Friedrichsen | Elizabeth Eisner Reding
ISBN-13: 9781305879041 | ISBN-10: 130587904X
© 2017 | Published |  816  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781305409019

Binding Format:

Paperback/Softcover Book/Jrnal
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Now you can master today’s most important computer concepts as well as key Microsoft® Office 2016 skills with the user-friendly approach found in ILLUSTRATED COMPUTER CONCEPTS AND MICROSOFT® OFFICE 365 & OFFICE 2016. This all-in-one book helps you become proficient in both today’s computer concepts and the skills you need to know. A user-friendly two-page spread, made popular throughout this Illustrated Microsoft® Office 2016 Series, clearly demonstrates key application skills. Today’s most up-to-date technology developments and concepts are clarified using a distinctive step-by-step approach that incorporates the latest technology updates from the respected COMPUTER CONCEPTS ILLUSTRATED BRIEF. This edition highlights the most recent Office 365 changes with a new module that introduces Productivity Apps. You’ll find a wealth of online resources to support your learning and equip you for success in today’s digital world.

    • UNIQUE ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION TEACHES BOTH MICROSOFT® OFFICE 2016 SKILLS AND IMPORTANT COMPUTER CONCEPTS. This book uses the proven Illustrated Series approach to emphasize both the latest Microsoft® Office 2016 skills as well as today’s most important computer concepts. Enhanced technology resources correspond with this edition to help you reinforce students’ abilities.
    • DETAILED LESSONS HIGHLIGHT TODAY’S MOST IMPORTANT COMPUTER CONCEPTS AND THE NEWEST TRENDS IN TECHNOLOGY AND TODAY’S DIGITAL WORLD. Your students learn skills that reflect today’s most progressive computer developments while gaining a thorough introduction to Microsoft® Office 2016.
    • EASY-TO-FOLLOW AND EASY-TO-ABSORB TWO-PAGE LESSONS APPEAL TO A WIDE VARIETY OF LEARNING STYLES. This proven, focused visual approach offers a single lesson on two adjoining pages, making an entire task visible in a single view. The intriguing, concise presentation keeps learners of all levels engaged and actively learning important Microsoft® Office skills.
    • EXTENSIVE END-OF-MODULE ACTIVITIES PROVIDE HANDS-ON PRACTICE. Proven, practical exercises help learners become adept in their new Microsoft® Office 2016 skills while reinforcing the conceptual material from each chapter.
    • NEW PRODUCTIVITY APPS FOR WORK AND SCHOOL MODULE PROVIDE A VISUAL INTRODUCTION. These helpful, easy-to-use apps by well-known technology author Corinne Hoisington visually guide students through using Microsoft® OneNote, Sway, Office Mix and Edge. Companion Sways provide videos and step-by-step instructions to help students learn to master each app.
    • UPDATED CASE STUDY EMPHASIZES APPLICATIONS OF OFFICE SKILLS. The contemporary Case Study woven throughout this edition introduces Microsoft® Office 2016 topics and advantages to learners using memorable real world examples.
    • UPDATED COMPUTER CONCEPTS MODULES HIGHLIGHT THE LATEST NEW TECHNOLOGIES. This edition introduces the most relevant and essential information about computers and technology in today’s digital world.
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  • June Parsons purchased her first computer, an Apple II+, in 1981 and quickly became fluent in BASIC, dBASE II, Lotus 123, WordStar, and a variety of accounting programs. The next year she opened a successful small computer retail store with Dan Oja that also offered software instruction to children and adults. Dr. Parsons taught at the university level for more than 20 years. She holds a doctorate in Educational Technology and was certified by the ICCP in 1995. Dr. Parsons began writing and creating educational software for Course Technology in 1992. She contributed to the Windows for Business and Illustrated Series and developed the New Perspectives, e-Course, and Practical series. She works via the Internet with a team of highly skilled media specialists and desktop publishers located in various states and provinces.

    David W. Beskeen has authored or co-authored numerous computer books since 1992, including more than 25 titles for Course Technology. He has guided readers in mastering PowerPoint®, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Windows®, Livemotion, and other leading proprietary software packages. An expert in applied technology, Mr. Beskeen has a variety of teaching and consulting experience in today’s computer technology.

    Carol M. Cram is the author of more than 35 textbooks on computer applications, business communications, and Internet-related subjects. Ms. Cram was also a long-time faculty member at Capilano College in North Vancouver, where she served as the Convenor of the Executive Support Program, the Program Consultant for Business and Computers in Continuing Education, and an instructor of business and computer-related courses.

    Jennifer Duffy is a freelance author who lives and works in New Hampshire. She has been writing leading texts for Course Technology for more than ten years and has authored previous editions of MICROSOFT® WORD ILLUSTRATED for the popular Office series. Ms. Duffy has worked successfully in the business world as a writer, editor, and public relations liaison. She combines her strong business knowledge and expertise in Word with exceptional writing skills that ensure the clarity of this and each of her other books.

    Lisa Friedrichsen is a Professor at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas, where she teaches database and web development classes. As an author, she has written several prominent Access, Office, and Web related textbooks. Ms. Friedrichsen combines her ability to teach with extensive industry experience to create clear, practical presentations. Ms. Friedrichsen’s undergraduate degree is in Engineering from Iowa State University and she has an MBA from Drake University. She worked for a decade at IBM Corporation before becoming a consultant, author, and college professor.

    Ms. Elizabeth Eisner Reding has authored numerous books for Delmar and Course Technology on a variety of software programs, including Adobe® Photoshop, Microsoft® Office, and Microsoft® Publisher. Living in New Mexico with her husband, Ms. Reding spends her free time grilling, water gardening, road and mountain biking, and collecting Southwestern art.