Medtalk: A Basic Bi-Lingual Medical Communication Handbook 1st Edition
Sivalal Sadasivan | Carole Chung | Carina Ka Yee Chan | Abdullah Muhaimin Bin Amran
ISBN-13: 9789670357522 | ISBN-10: 9670357527
© 2017 | Published |  264  Pages

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MedTalk: A Basic Bi-Lingual Medical Communication Handbook. Communicating well is one of the hallmarks of a good and competent doctor. It is through communication that doctors build good patient-doctor rapport, take a comprehensive and significant medical history, inspire confidence in patients and encourage better patient compliance, thus ensuring better health outcomes for the patient.

Communicating with patients across a wide spectrum of ages, backgrounds and educational levels is challenging even when the doctor shares the same mother tongue as the patient. However, in the multicultural, multi-ethnic and multilingual medical context of Malaysia, a doctor is often trying to communicate with his patient in a second or even a third language. Imagine the complexities, and the margins for error!

This is where this book comes in – to fill a void in the Malaysian healthcare context with its own rich diversity of ethnic groups many of whom speak Bahasa Malaysia as a first or second language, added to an influx of non-local doctors and patients. This book will be a handy companion for doctors and medical students who are proficient in English and attempting to communicate competently in Bahasa Malaysia, and vice-versa.

  • Foreword
    About the Contributors
    Chapter 1: Taking a General History
    Chapter 2: Taking a Systemic History
    Chapter 3: Headache
    Chapter 4: Acute Abdominal Pain
    Chapter 5: Back Pain
    Chapter 6: Chest Pain
    Chapter 7: Fever
    Chapter 8: Cough
    Chapter 9: Swelling/Lump
    Chapter 10: Breast Lump
    Chapter 11: Injury/Fall
    Chapter 12: Emotional Problems
    Chapter 13: Diarrhoea
    Chapter 14: Difficulty in Breathing
    Chapter 15: Jaundice
    Chapter 16: Vomiting
    Chapter 17: Constipation
    Chapter 18: Vomiting of Blood
    Chapter 19: Coughing up Blood-stained Sputum
    Chapter 20: Passing Blood-stained Urine
    Chapter 21: Difficulty in Swallowing
    Chapter 22: Loss of Weight
    Chapter 23: Weight Gain
    Chapter 24: Dealing with Emotions
    Chapter 25: Assisting Behaviour Change
    Appendix I: Glossary of Common Medical Terms
    Appendix II: Human Anatomy (Internal Organs)
    Appendix III: Human Anatomy (Systems of the Human Body)
    Appendix IV: In and Around the Hospital
    Appendix V: Sample Conversation between Doctor and Patient
    Appendix VI: Sample Conversation between Doctor and Nurse

      • Bi-Lingual (in Bahasa Malaysia and English)
      • Detailed translation for accuracy of context
      • Covers a wide variety of common issues faced by doctors and patients
      • Concise illustrations and terms
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    • Dr Sivalal is currently an Associate Professor at Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia having joined the University in 2006. He coordinates the implementation of the MBBS programme including Problem Based Learning, which among others focuses on the development of students’ communication skills and history taking.

      Ms. Carole Chung is attached to the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia. She holds a Masters in Counselling and is a certified Choice Theory Reality Therapy (CTRT) therapist as well as trainer. She has experience counselling secondary, tertiary and post-graduate students, as well as refugees and asylum-seekers.

      Dr. Carina Chan is Deputy Head of school in the School of Psychology of Australian Catholic University and adjunct Senior Lecturer at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia. A graduate of the University of Auckland in New Zealand and trained in health psychology, Dr. Chan’s primary interest and expertise are in the psychosocial aspects of understanding health and health behaviours.

      Dr. Abdullah Muhaimin Bin Amran is a House Officer in Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Bahru. He graduated from Monash University in 2014. Communication and language has always been an interest besides his medical career. The diversity of backgrounds in Malaysia has made him realize the difficulties and challenges in getting the right information during consultation.