Delmar’s Medical Transcription Handbook 2nd Edition
Rachelle S. Blake
ISBN-13: 9780827383258 | ISBN-10: 0827383258
© 1998 | Published |  272  Pages
Previous Editions: 9780538706773

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Students and practicing medical transcriptionists alike will appreciate this unique worktext and reference manual. Offering guidelines for style, grammar, specific transcription mechanics and techniques, the handbook is an essential tool in any transcriptionist’s library.

  • INTRODUCTION TO MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION: What is Medical Transcription?. Medical Transcription Transcribing Tools. Telecommunications Tools In Medical Transcription. Use of Reference Materials. MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION FORMATS: Types of Medical Reports and Formats .Medical Office Charting and Correspondence. Additional Medical Forms, Formats and Documents. MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION MECHANICS: Word Usage. Sentence Grammar. Punctuation. Compound Words and Hyphenation Contractions and Shortened Word Forms. Abbreviations. Capitalization. Plural and Possessive Forms. Numbers and Number Combinations. MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION SKILLS: Commonly Confused Words, Misspelled Words and Spelling Hints. Editing Medical Dictation and Transcription. The Business of Medical Transcription. Marketing Your Medical Transcription Talents. APPENDIX A. APPENDIX B. APPENDIX C. APPENDIX D. APPENDIX E.APPENDIX F. APPENDIX G.APPENDIX H. APPENDIX I. BIBLIOGRAPHY. INDEX.

    • examples and applications for basic medical transcription
    • in-depth coverage of editing, spelling, and formatting medical records
    • end of handbook activities and practice tests
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    • Workbook to Accompany Delmar’s Medical Transcription Handbook
      ISBN-10: 0827383231 | ISBN-13:9780827383234
      List Price = 65.95
      The Workbook to Accompany Delmar’s Medical Transcription Handbook, Second Edition is a supplemental text to Delmar’s Medical Transcription Handbook, Second Edition. The Workbook is intended to serve as a practical approach to learning the formats, mechanics and skills involved in the vocation of medical transcription. The Workbook is directed to students of medical transcription as well as those who would like to reinforce the knowledge they have gained from the text. The objective of the Workbook is to reinforce concepts and topics presented in the handbook through restating, revising and reasoning. The Workbook provides a study aid that enhances the student of medical transcription’s absorption of the topics covered in each chapter of the textbook. The Workbook includes review activities for each chapter, keyword definition exercises and revision exercises for chapters relating to formats, mechanics and skills. Practice tests are also provided to insure proper preparation for closed-book, in-class examinations. Furthermore, additional exercises are included such as word find, crossword puzzles, and scrambled words that provide helpful study aids and concept retention mechanisms.
      Instructor’s Manual to Accompany Medical Transcriptionists Handbook
      ISBN-10: 082738324X | ISBN-13:9780827383241
      List Price = 44.95