Medical Assisting: Essentials of Administrative and Clinical Competencies 1st Edition
Lucille Keir | Barbara A. Wise | Connie Krebs
ISBN-13: 9781401812522 | ISBN-10: 140181252X
© 2003 | Published |  608  Pages

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This competency-based learning system covers the administrative, clinical, and general areas necessary for entry-level employment as identified by the medical assistant role delineation study issued by the American Association of Medical Assistants. A listing of role delineation areas in each unit and in Appendix A make it easy to locate specific skills within each competency. A unit on related therapies presents information on complimentary and alternative treatments.

  • Section I: Medical Health Care Roles and Responsibilies. Chapter 1: Health Care Providers. Chapter 2: The Medical Assistant. Chapter 3: Medical Ethics and Liability. Chapter 4: Interpersonal Communications. Chapter 5: The Office Environment. Section II: The Administrative Assistant. Chapter 6: Oral and Written Communication. Chapter 7: Records Management. Chapter 8: Collecting Fees. Chapter 9: Health Care Coverage. Chapter 10: Medical Office Management. Section III: The Clinical Medical Assistant. Chapter 11: Preparing for Clinical Duties. Chapter 12: Beginning the Patients Record. Chapter 13: Preparing Patients for Examinations. Chapter 14: Specimen Collection and Laboratory Procedures. Chapter 15: Diagnostic Tests, X-Rays, and Procedures. Chapter 16: Minor Surgical Procedures. Chapter 17: Assisting with Medications. Chapter 18: Emergencies, Acute Illness, and Accidents. Section IV: Behaviors and Health. Chapter 19: Behaviors Influencing Health. Section V: Employability Skills. Chapter 20: Achieving Satisfaction in Employment.

    • Icons in each unit direct you to the administrative and clinical skills CD-ROMs in the back of the book for practice activities to help you better understand concepts.
    • Realistic charting examples at the end of procedures encourage correct documentation of a patient�s chart.
    • Registered Medical Assistant �RMA (AMT) certification competencies included in an appendix for reference
    • Critical thinking questions linked to the medical-legal-ethical scenarios help you focus on delineation competencies.
    • Focusing on health care roles and responsibilities, especially those of the administrative medical assistant, this text-book emphasizes the skills needed to get and do these jobs. Chapters cover health care providers, medical ethics and liability, interpersonal communication, the office environment, oral and written communication, records management, fees, health care coverage, office management, clinical duties, patient records, exam preparation, specimen collection and lab procedures, diagnostic tests and X-rays, minor surgery, medication, emergencies and acute illness, behaviors and health, and employment satisfaction. Two included CD-ROMs contain skill exercises (one for administrative assistance, and one for medical assistants). The authors include medical assistants and a nurse

      - SciTech Book News March 2003

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    • Instructor’s Manual for Keir/Wise/Krebs’ Medical Assisting: Essentials of Administrative and Clinical Competencies
      ISBN-10: 1401812538 | ISBN-13:9781401812539
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      Workbook for Keir/Wise/Krebs’ Medical Assisting: Essentials of Administrative and Clinical Competencies
      ISBN-10: 1401812546 | ISBN-13:9781401812546
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      This workbook is intended to accompany Medical Assisting: Essentials of Administrative and Clinical Competencies. Assignment sheets are designed to help users review the concepts presented in the text, and provide a means for users to achieve competency in their performance of the procedures. These sheets include a variety of review questions to assess the learners’ comprehension.

    • Lucille Keir, CMA-A was a charter member and past president of the Franklin County Chapter of medical assistants. Lucille had over 22 combined years as a practicing medical assistant and administrative medical assisting instructor. She helped establish the Medical Assisting Program at North High School, Columbus, OH in 1969 which eventually moved to Fort Hayes High School in 1976. She served in the US Navy and was a veteran of World War II. Lucille was involved in the first three editions of Medical Assisting: Administrative and Clinical Competencies textbook, workbook and instructor’s support materials until her passing.

      Barbara A. Wise, MA (Ed.), BSN, RN, worked in physicians’ offices and as a health care educator for more than twenty-six years. Previously a State Supervisor of vocational education for the State of Ohio, she received an M.A. in Education, with a major concentration on curriculum construction and a minor in health education.

      Connie Krebs, CMA-C, BGS, was the senior class instructor and coordinator of the medical assisting program at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center, Columbus City Schools, Columbus, OH. She was certified through the American Association of Medical Assistants in medical assisting and in clinical specialty. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio University and a teaching certificate from the State of Ohio Department of Education. Connie taught at Fort Hayes Education Center for 18 years and was the school advisor for the National Vocational Technical Honor Society (NVTHS). Connie was involved in the first five editions of the text, workbook and instructor’s support materials until her passing.