Critical Thinking for Medical Assistants DVD Series, with Closed Captioning 1st Edition
Delmar, Cengage Learning
ISBN-13: 9781435419889 | ISBN-10: 143541988X
© 2005 | Published |  NA  Pages
Previous Editions: 9781401838577

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This six program DVD series is now available online! With a focus on critical thinking skills, such as how to properly respond to realistic but difficult workplace situations, and the soft skills such as communication and patient education, learners will seek to utilize this and the Delmar’s Skill and Procedures DVD series and eVideos to ensure that they are covering the "procedural/show me" approach and the "critical thinking/analytical" approach to working as a medical assistant in the medical office.

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    • Instructor’s Manual to Accompany Delmar’s Critical Thinking for Medical Assistants DVD Series
      ISBN-10: 1401838650 | ISBN-13:9781401838652
      List Price = 25.95
      Includes Learning Objectives, Key Terms and Definitions, Discussion Questions, True/False Questions, Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer and Fill in the Blank Questions, and an Essay Question for each DVD Program.
      Instant Access for Critical Thinking for Medical Assistants, Online Video Series : All Six Programs
      ISBN-10: 1435401883 | ISBN-13:9781435401884
      List Price = 53.95
      Medical Assisting professionals

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