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Fostering Conceptual Change with Technology Asian Perspectives (eBook) 1st Edition
Chwee Beng Lee | David H. Jonassen
eBook ISBN: 9789814424929 | ISBN-10: 9814424927
© 2013 | Published |  392  Pages

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  • Foreword.
    1. Conceptual Change Through Information and Communication Technologies in Australasia.
    2. Current Research in the Use of Technology for Conceptual Change in Asian Countries.
    3. Conceptual Change, Epistemic Beliefs, and Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments.
    4. The Influence of Students’ Cognitive and Motivational Characteristics in Conceptual Change Using Discrepant Events.
    5. Learners’ Informal Ideas and Model Creation for Conceptual Change.
    6. Research of Online Learning for Conceptual Change and Scientific Reasoning.
    7. Knowledge Building and Conceptual Change: An Epistemological Resources Perspective.
    8. Video Games for “Deep Learning”: Game-Based Learning as Performance in the Statecraft X Curriculum.
    9. A Cultural Analysis of Game-Based Learning for Collective Conceptual Evolution.
    10. Roles of Computer-Based Simulations in Conceptual Change Learning of School Science.
    11. Beyond the Process-Content and Mind-Environment Dualisms: Implications for Fostering Conceptual Change Through Emerging Technologies.
    12. Conceptual Change and Mathematics: Challenges for Instruction in a Technological Culture.

    • Comprehensiveness-This will be the first edited book to document the comprehensive research in fostering conceptual change with technology, by prominent researchers from various Asia-Pacific countries.
    • Multiple perspectives-Readers will gain a vast range of knowledge of and insight into fostering conceptual change with technology through the varied scope of research from 8 countries.
    • Systematic structure-The four sections in the book will make it easy for readers to follow the extensive research.
    • Concrete examples-The different approaches to fostering conceptual change are reflected in the methodologies described, specific examples and case studies on adapting technology for conceptual change.
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    • Chwee Beng Lee is senior lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Western Sydney. After earning her PhD from the University of Missouri-Columbia, she taught at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. Her current research focuses on technologies for fostering conceptual change in problem solving environments.

      David H. Jonassen is Curators’ Professor of Educational Psychology and Learning Technologies Science at the University of Missouri. Professor Jonassen has taught at Pennsylvania State University, University of Colorado, the University of Twente in the Netherlands, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and Syracuse University. His current research focus is on models and methods for engaging and supporting problem solving.