Health Psychology: An Introduction to Behavior and Health 8th Edition
Linda Brannon | Jess Feist | John Updegraff
Health Psychology: An Introduction to Behavior and Health 9th Edition
Linda Brannon | Jess Feist | John A. Updegraff
ISBN-13: 9781337094641 | ISBN-10: 1337094641
© 2018 | Published |  544  Pages
Previous Editions: 2014

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Hard/Casebound Book or Journal
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For over 20 years, HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY: AN INTRODUCTION TO BEHAVIOR AND HEALTH has remained a leader in the field for its scholarship, strong and current research base, and balanced coverage of the cognitive, behavioral, and biological approaches to health psychology. Appreciated by instructors -- and accessible and appealing to a wide-range of students, including non-majors -- this classic text features a concise writing style, ample pedagogy, and numerous visuals. This edition is updated to reflect the latest developments in the field, and includes many new real-world examples selected for their interest and relevance to today's students.

    1. Introducing Health Psychology.
    2. Conducting Health Research.
    3. Seeking and Receiving Health Care.
    4. Adhering to Healthy Behavior.
    5. Defining, Measuring, and Managing Stress.
    6. Understanding Stress, Immunity, and Disease.
    7. Understanding and Managing Pain.
    8. Considering Alternative Approaches.
    9. Behavioral Factors in Cardiovascular Disease.
    10. Behavioral Factors in Cancer.
    11. Living With Chronic Illness.
    12. Smoking Tobacco.
    13. Using Alcohol and Other Drugs.
    14. Eating and Weight.
    15. Exercising.
    16. Future Challenges.

    • A popular "Q & A" feature at the end of each chapter provides answers to organizing questions posed in the chapter opener, allowing students to revisit and reinforce what they have learned. A media resource section lists references and web links that students can use to expand their knowledge of important health psychology topics.
    • Coverage of physiology and biology is integrated throughout the text rather than placed in a separate chapter. This makes it easier for students who lack a biology or science background to understand and appreciate how these subjects relate to health psychology.
    • The text features offer strong coverage on diversity in health psychology, including international health research; the impact of issues such as ethnicity, age, and gender on health and research; and exploration of the increasing variety of approaches to health care.
    • Numerous feature boxes discuss interesting contemporary topics such controversy about vaccination, health risks of watching televised sports, chocolate's impact on heart disease, benefits of a cognitively challenging job, and how sleep can affect weight.
    • "Real World Profiles" engage student interest and show how course topics and chapter concepts can be relevant to situations students encounter in their everyday lives.
    • A health quiz offers students the chance to test their health knowledge as it relates to their own lives.
    • An extensive range of pedagogical features -- including self-checks, feature boxes, "Real World Profiles," study aids, applications, hands-on exercises, and activities -- are designed to appeal to students, help them fully understand health psychology, and make the text more interactive and interesting.
    • This edition features up-to-date coverage of classic and emerging areas of health psychology, along with accurate, yet accessible, coverage of the major concepts and findings in the field.
    • The text has been revised throughout to further enhance the engaging writing style that helps to maintain students' interest.
    • An updated author-curated list of online multimedia links offers opportunities to broaden and deepen class coverage of the material.
    • "Real World Profiles" now appear in each chapter opener. This feature introduces people whose lives spark student interest and illustrate the relevance of principles and findings discussed in the text.
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  • Linda Brannon received her Ph.D. in human experimental psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Brannon is a professor in the department of Psychology at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where she has been teaching since receiving her doctorate. After becoming interested in the emerging field of health psychology, Brannon and co-author Jess Feist (late, of McNeese State University) co-authored the first edition of this text in the 1980s. They enjoyed expanding and developing the text along with the field for more than two decades. In addition to her work in health psychology, Dr. Brannon has authored a text on gender and is co-author of an introductory psychology text.

    John Updegraff is a professor of social and health psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Kent State University. Dr. Updegraff received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from UCLA, under the mentorship of pioneering health psychologist Shelley Taylor. Dr. Updegraff is an expert in health behavior, health communication, stress, and coping, and is the recipient of multiple research grants from the National Institutes of Health. He is an acclaimed undergraduate instructor and his research appears in the field's top journals.