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Development and Reform of China’s Employment System (eBook) 1st Edition
Zhang Xiaojian
eBook ISBN: 9789814510110 | ISBN-10: 9814510114
© 2014 | Published |  278  Pages

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Development and Reform of China’s Employment System reviews the evolution, reform, and achievements of China’s employment system over a period of 30-plus years since 1978, predicts future trends, and puts forward feasible ways and suggestions for further development. Comprising seven parts, the book covers a wide range of meaningful topics such as the market-oriented reform of state-owned enterprises, reemployment of layoffs, transfer of surplus rural labor, the formation and development of China’s public service system, the proactive government policy for job creation, and the laws and rules promulgated by the government in terms of employment and social security. For each major employment policy, the book presents the historical background against which it was proposed and then provides detailed description and analysis of this policy, its implementation, its achievements, and lessons learned.

  • Preface
    Part One: Implementation of the “Three Employments” Policy and Establishment of Labor Service Companies
    Chapter 1 Labor and Employment Reform
    Chapter 2 The “Three Employments” Policy
    Chapter 3 Labor Service Companies
    Part Two: Reform of the Employment System in State-owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Transition Toward a Labor Market
    Chapter 4 Economic System Reform Preceding the Employment System Reform
    Chapter 5 Implementation of the Labor Contract System
    Chapter 6 Reform of the Permanent Employment System
    Part Three: Implementation of the Reemployment Project and Establishment of the Market-oriented Employment Mechanism
    Chapter 7 Initiation of the Reemployment Project
    Chapter 8 Establishment of the Market-oriented Employment Mechanism
    Part Four: Integration between Urban and Rural Areas and Promotion of the Transfer Employment of Rural Labor
    Chapter 9 Rural Reform: New Approach to Rural Employment
    Chapter 10 Research on Rural Labor Employment Problem
    Chapter 11 Pilot Projects for the Employment of the Rural Labor Force
    Chapter 12 The Structured Cross-regional Migration Project for Rural Labor
    Chapter 13 Coordinated and Equitable Employment between Urban and Rural Areas
    Part Five: Nurturing the Labor Market and Improving the Public Employment Service System
    Chapter 14 Formation and Development of the Labor Market
    Chapter 15 Establishment and Development of the Public Employment Service System
    Chapter 16 Fair Employment for Disadvantaged Groups
    Part Six: Formulation and Implementation of the Proactive Employment Policy
    Chapter 17 Initiation and Development of the Proactive Employment Policy
    Chapter 18 Framework and Basic Content of the Proactive Employment Policy
    Chapter 19 Establishment of Effective Mechanisms to Promote Policy Implementation
    Chapter 20 Promotion of Employment Legislation
    Chapter 21 Latest Practices of the Proactive Employment Policy
    Part Seven: Achievements, Experience, and Future Prospects
    Chapter 22 Past Achievements and Future Prospects for Employment in China

    • Written by a group of prominent Chinese scholars and experts, the book represents a concerted effort to analyze China’s employment policies.
    • Elaborates in a historical manner the evolution and reform of China’s labor and employment system since 1978.
    • Covers a wide range of topics and presents a detailed analysis for each major employment policy, its achievements, and lessons learned.
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    • Zhang Xiaojian is the current president of the China Association for Employment Promotion. Born in November 1949 in Hainan Province, he was dispatched in 1969 to Zhidan, a village in Shaanxi Province, to help with local agricultural production. From 1979 to 1985, Zhang Xiaojian successively served in the State Council Office of Educated Youths; the Department of Employment in the State Labor Bureau; the Training and Employment Bureau; and the Policy Research Office of the Ministry of Labor and Personnel.