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An Important Message from National Geographic Learning

A warm welcome to all Life Teachers in Vietnam!

As part of its goal to increase the general English proficiency of all students in Vietnam, the Ministry of Education and Training has approved to use National Geographic Learning’s Life series as the main English textbook across 26 universities. This initiative will start from September 2015, and is expected to reach approximately 35,000 non-English major students in 13 provinces. Life was selected due to its strong focus on 21st century skills, its engaging and global topics, and comprehensive integration of technology.
As part of this project , a special ‘Vietnam edition’ has been published, featuring stunning new front covers, and a customized levelling system.
This exclusive website has been created for 3 main reasons:
    1. To prevent potential confusion with the International Student edition.
    2. To provide teachers in Vietnam with more customized content for their teaching.
    3. To create a ‘Community’ for Life teachers.
Our goal for this website is to provide all Life teachers in Vietnam with all the support and resources they need - not only save their preparation time, but also to make their classes fun, relevant and memorable. We hope that you will enjoy using the series and that it will help you to bring the world to your classroom, and your classroom to life!
Sophie Chalmers, ILA, Vietnam
Sophie Chalmes
“The students found learning about different cultures really interesting. It was nice to use this to engage them in the lessons.”
ADoS, Embassy CES Hastings
Sophie Chalmes
“ When students were first given their Life coursebooks, their reaction was ‘Wow – National Geographic!. The students indeed found the NG content and DVD to be the most positive elements of the book. They also liked its academic nature and found it interesting to learn about the world.”
Andrew Benz, Cambridge Academy of English
Sophie Chalmes
“ Teachers like the fact Life is fresh and up to date, and in fact doesn’t date easily. The NG branding is a strong positive feature and the DVD is popular with students and teachers alike.”
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