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Go! Chinese

Beginner Series (Go100-400)


Go! Chinese

is an integrated Chinese language program

that offers an easy, enjoyable and effective learning

experience for learners of Chinese as a foreign language.

The themes and lesson plans of this program are designed

with reference to ACTFL’s 5Cs and the Curriculum Guides

for Modern Languages developed by the Toronto District

Board of Education.

The eight-level program is divided into two series:

Beginner and Intermediate. The Beginner Series (Go100

– Go400) equips students with vocabulary and common

expressions for everyday interactions in Chinese, while

the Intermediate Series (Go500 – Go800) places more

emphasis on cultural comparison, self-expression and

opinion exchange. Each level includes a textbook and a


The Beginner series

of this program comprises four levels

(Go100 – Go400) and each level can be completed in

about 40 hours. The

Intermediate series

of this program

comprises four levels (Go500 – Go800) and each level can

be completed in about 60 hours.

A comprehensive Instructor Resource Pack (one for each

level of Go100 – Go400) offers lesson plans, flashcards,

and an audio CD. In addition, complimentary instructors’

resources are available online.

Key Features

Develops students’ four skills with emphasis on listening

and speaking

Incorporates topics relevant to students’ daily lives

Integrates a variety of communicative activities such as

role play, interview, pair work and games to allow students

to practice using the language in meaningful contexts

Julie Lo


, National Taipei University of Education (Retired)

Emily Yih


, Ontario Chinese Education Association (Canada)




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