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Step Up to AP






Step Up to AP


: Chinese Language, Culture, and Society

is an all-new intermediate Chinese program designed for

high school students taking the AP


Chinese Language and

Culture course.

Using the current developmental trends of contemporary China

as its focal point,

Step Up to AP


situates China in the context

of increasing globalization to help students understand the


will engage in a wide range of topics and gain knowledge of

China’s role in important areas such as technology, economics,

trade and business, climate change and green energy, literature

andthearts, aswell as the filmindustry. Theywill also learnabout

various aspects of contemporary Chinese society, including

travel and transportation, urban and rural development,

population and community, geography and ethnic diversity,

endangered animals and wildlife conservation, health and

wellness, sports and leisure, and science and technology.

Through these topics, students will develop an awareness

and appreciation of Chinese culture and society, in addition

to gaining and enhancing their Chinese language proficiency.

This program covers one year of instruction and consists

of a Textbook and a Workbook with companion websites.

The Textbook offers nine units which engage students

in an exploration of Chinese culture and society in both

Key Features

Using topics such as Urban and Rural Development

and China’s Economy to give students a feel of the

pulse of a constantly changing contemporary China

Focusing on vocabulary associated with life in the

contemporary world to enable students to widen their

horizons while gaining an appreciation of the Chinese


contemporary and historical contexts. Each unit helps

students deepen their understanding of Chinese cultural

products, practices, and perspectives, and enhances their

intercultural communicative competence. The Workbook

features a wide variety of exercises to help students develop

all four language skills across the three communicative

modes (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational).

Many of the questions are modeled after the AP



exam format to train students to be exam-ready. Also

included in the Workbook are two full-length AP



exams. The companion websites host a range of resources

to meet the needs of instructors and students, including

audio files, answer key, and teaching suggestions. Visit


(Textbook) and



Carol Chen-Lin


Dali Tan


文 课 程 中