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Ni Wo Ta

is a complete first-year program that offers beginning learners of Chinese an enriching language learning

experience through a narrative video story, innovative instructional design, robust technology integration, and

comprehensive cultural coverage. It employs an intuitive and functional approach to proficiency development, with

effective strategies to tackle tough areas such as tones, literacy development and difficult grammar points.

The full program, consisting of four preliminary units, 14 main units and a concluding unit, is split into two volumes. Each

volume is paired with a Literacy Workbook and iLrn™: Heinle Learning Center, an all-in-one online course management

system. The program is designed for zero-beginners at the college level but it is also suitable for high school students

who have some exposure to the Chinese language.

Ni Wo Ta | Developing Chinese Fluency

An Introductory Course


Phyllis Zhang


, George Washington University

Key Features

Embraces a multimodal approach to course delivery, providing students with an engaging cultural-linguistic context

for learning

Features a clear, easy-to-follow structure that is ideal for instructors with any level of teaching experience

Uses a bottom-up approach to vocabulary teaching, building competency from word, to sentence, to paragraph, and

then passage

Offers a comprehensive, systematic grammar framework based on a functional-notional approach that provides a

solid linguistic foundation for students

Skillfully weaves diverse cultural content throughout the program

Paired with an all-in-one online course management system, relieving instructors of mundane administrative tasks,

and allowing students to learn more effectively


材教 大 学