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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Lao Tze

千里之行 始于足下

Welcome to the Chinese Language Teaching Catalog 2019-2020!

This is a big year for Cengage Learning Asia as we have created more Chinese language resources to meet

the varying needs of students and instructors. Our trusted and market leading resources enable students

to be proficient in Chinese for everyday communication.

The award-winning, bestselling teacher resource series

Chinese Treasure Chest

has expanded to include

more exciting content.

Volumes 1



(page 3) are updated with a second edition. The new

Volume 3

(page 5) is now available and offers an abundance of interesting activities for classroom instruction. In

addition, we have three new books designed for students: two

Pinyin Practice Books (Initials and Finals)

(page 7) and

Chinese New Year Student Workbook

(page 8). What’s more, all titles in Chinese Treasure

Chest now come with free audio resources! Keep a lookout for

Volume 4

(page 6) which will be published


For middle and high school students, we have several new textbook offerings to cater to different learning

needs. Our all-new AP


Chinese textbook

Step Up to AP


(page 22) features a wide range of topics relating

to contemporary China while keeping a balanced focus on Chinese culture. The popular

Step Up with


(page 16) incorporates ACTFL 5Cs standards and now has a second edition with updated content

and new images. The new

iChinese Books 3



(page 30) are based on the latest IB Mandarin B

syllabus (first assessment 2020) and are perfect resources for students enrolled in the IB program. Be

sure to check out these new titles as well as other quality textbook series in this catalog!

For college students, our three-level

Developing Chinese Fluency

series offers excellent material for

effective language acquisition and mastery. It comprising

Ni Wo Ta

(page 32),


(page 36), and

Biaoda: Developing Chinese Fluency

(page 38).

Ni Wo Ta

is an innovative video-based beginner program

that employs an intuitive and functional approach to proficiency development, with effective strategies

to tackle tough areas such as tones, grammar and literacy development.


is the intermediate-

level course in the series. It contains practical materials for the general needs of intermediate learners.

Biaoda: Developing Chinese Fluency

offers a rigorous program at the intermediate-advanced level.

Besides this catalog, we also invite you to visit .

This is where you will find full

details of all our titles, view sample chapters, and also download instructor resources such as teacher’s

guides and audio clips.

Learning is a journey, and we welcome you to use our materials to inspire and engage your students on

this wonderful journey into the world of Chinese language and culture.

The Chinese Language Teaching Publishing Team

Cengage Learning Asia

Advanced Placement


and AP


are trademarks registered by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.