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Developing Chinese Fluency

is a rigorous communication

skill building program, aimed at helping intermediate

learners of Chinese achieve an advanced level of speaking

and writing proficiency while developing listening and

reading skills. Combining an innovative instructional

approach with interactive technologies, this program

rapidly augments the learners’ vocabulary, elevates their

expressive ability and boosts their proficiency – particularly

in the areas of description, comparison and introduction.

This program is ideal for conversational or speaking

and writing Chinese courses for upper-intermediate to

rising-advanced college-level students. It is also suitable

for high school honors and AP



Developing Chinese Fluency


Key Features

Training focuses on the three modes of communication:

Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational

Offers thematically organized word lists and

grammatical structures for comprehensive treatment

of five core subject matters: Objects, People, Nature,

Geography, and Cities

Adopts a bottom-up approach, expanding

progressively from words to sentences, sentences to

paragraphs. Each unit addresses a subject matter in

three progressive stages with clearly defined end goals

Authentic target language readings provide opportunities

for students to work with vocabulary in context

Incorporates a stimulating array of interactive

classroom tasks and technology-supported activities to

promote acquisition and reinforce learning


材教 大 学

* Advanced Placement


and AP


are trademarks registered by the College Board,

which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

Phyllis Zhang


, George Washington University