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PM Collection Components

All components are designed to be used cohesively

to provide meaningful learning opportunities:

• 26

PM Alphabet Starters

books, one for each

letter of the alphabet

• 34

PM Alphabet Blends

books, for common

onset blends and digraphs

• 125

PM Levelled Texts

, factual and fiction,

from levels 1–25

• 2

Student Books

, one each for the


Alphabet Starters


PM Alphabet Blends

to provide plenty of practice in writing and

learning in the classroom and for homework

• 2

Teachers’ Resource Books

, one each for the

PM Alphabet Starters


PM Alphabet


, featuring Arabic teaching notes, and

providing assessment materials

• 5

PM Levelled Texts Teachers’ Resource Books,

for the

PM Levelled Texts

, levels 1–5, 6–10,

11–15, 16–20 and 21–25, each featuring

photocopiable activity sheets, an Arabic

glossary and a CD with comprehensive

assessment instructions and printable

Student Reading Records.

PM Alphabet Starters

The 26

PM Alphabet Starters

provide an in-depth

understanding of letters and the sounds they represent

for emergent readers and English language learners.

Using clear, readable text and familiar images, the

PM Alphabet Starters

allow students to concentrate

on one letter-sound at a time. As students read these

books they are also able to practise the valuable skills

of book handling, word and picture matching, one-to-

one matching of spoken and written words, and aural

reinforcement of the onset sound in each set of words.

Students absorb the sound of

the letter as they say the words

aloud. They feel the impact

made by the initial consonant,

as a spoken sound as well as a

written letter.

PM Alphabet Starters Student Book


PM Alphabet Starters Student Book


three pages of activities for each letter for use in the

classroom and at home. Two pages are designed for

classroom use to reinforce letter recognition, letter–

sound relationships and build vocabulary. The third

page provides practice in these activities for students

to complete as homework. Arabic instructions are

included on the homework pages to assist parents.

PM Alphabet Starters, Book c

PM Alphabet Starters Student Book

PM Collection


is designed for primary school students and

teachers in the Middle East.

All components of


emphasise strategies to

support children in learning to read. Using the rich culture and

heritage of the region, the books provide a sound platform for

the exploration of the English language in a meaningful and

contextually relevant way. Students will enjoy seeing their

own lives, experiences and cultures reflected in the books.



literacy resources have a strong

pedagogical underpinning, based on sound research

about how children best learn to read.



• a range of text types covering a variety of topics

• factual and fiction texts featuring familiar content

for children living and learning in the Middle East

• vocabulary, illustrations and photographs relevant

to the region

• instruction in the sounds and grammar of English

• opportunities to develop reading, writing, listening

and speaking skills

• in-depth pedagogical support in English and Arabic

to suit teachers from a cross-section of backgrounds.