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PM Alphabet Starters

PM Alphabet Starters Teachers’ Resource Book


PM Alphabet Starters Teachers’ Resource Book


• detailed teaching notes and classroom activities to assist

teachers before, during and after reading each book

• ‘Picture Talk’ sections featuring one picture from each book,

with ideas on how to develop vocabulary and sentence

structures that will support students as they move to the

levelled texts

• ‘For the English Language Learner’ sections to develop an

understanding of the onset sounds of English words

• assessment instructions and materials so teachers can

determine each student’s level of knowledge and assist

them where necessary

• Arabic versions of the teachers’ notes for each letter on the

page facing the English notes.

PM Alphabet Starters

Teachers’ Resource Book

For easy recognition, vowels and consonants feature a different strip

of colour down the side of the front cover: vowels are orange and

consonants are blue.