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PM Alphabet Blends


PM Alphabet Blends


PM Alphabet Blends

are an extension of the

PM Alphabet


, teaching students the more complex skills of blending

consonants and recognising digraphs. There are opportunities

for oral practice on every page of the

PM Alphabet Blends


Hearing the sounds, saying the sounds, reading the sounds

and writing the sounds of blends and digraphs in

PM Alphabet


will help students learn both the phoneme (sound) and

visual appearance of each consonant blend and digraph.


PM Alphabet Blends

are designed to be used in

conjunction with the

PM Levelled Texts

, in which the same

blends and digraphs are found. When used collectively, a

meaningful context is created where young readers can make

associations that will be remembered.

PM Alphabet Blends, Book ch

When students can produce the right

onset, they have a flying start: they have

a word-recognition strategy that works!