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PM LevelledTexts


PM Levelled Texts


PM Levelled Texts

are a set of 125 books

for levels 1–25, with five books per level. The

texts feature genuine Middle-Eastern settings,

providing authentic reading resources which

allow children to relate the concepts and the

situations to their own experiences.

Levels 1 and 2 texts focus on two or more

high-frequency words with a high repetition

rate allowing students to read them with

fluency. From levels 3 to 5, new high-frequency

words are introduced gradually and reinforced

throughout books at the same and succeeding

levels, while sentence construction is kept

short and simple.

Texts from levels 6–10 continue to increase

the number of sight words known to students.

Sentence construction becomes gradually

more complex and a more diverse range of

language features is included.

In levels 11–25, familiar characters reappear in

the fiction texts, while students are gradually

introduced to environments and concepts

beyond their immediate experience. More

specific vocabulary, challenging sentence

structures and new text types continue to

develop the students’ language skills.

Big Sea Animals,

PMMagenta Level 2

Each text features:

• content that reflects the lives and experiences

of children living in the Middle East

• meticulously levelled factual or fiction text to ensure

a gradual learning gradient

• deliberate close match of text with illustrations and

photographs to help students interpret and derive

meaning from the text

• teaching notes on the inside front cover.

Barq’s Race,

PM Yellow Level 6

The Hair Dance,

PM Orange Level 16

All About Sleep,

PM Silver Level 24