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Business Communication


Third Edition ©2019 9781337403900

Correlated to the

Precision Exams Business

Communication I (220) Exam

, and two exams

(pre/post) are included for each unit purchased

of the “Student Edition + MindTap™” bundles

Equip your students with the communication

tools needed for success in today's workplace

with this comprehensive, business-savvy text!

Business Communication

has a contemporary

design with clear easy-to-follow instructions

guiding students through the chapters. Help

students master the basics of workplace

communication with proven instructional

techniques, time-tested learning approaches,

and complete teacher support.

Topics such as exchanging information via

telecommunications software, electronic mail,

images and multimedia, and on-line information

services are presented. Students refine writing,

listening, speaking, computing, and research

skills while using the latest technology tools.

This text is ideal for the year-long business

communication class.

Business Communication


the total solution for teachers who want

comprehensive coverage of business document


Hardcover, 672 pages

This personal learning environment combines the

eBook and resources into a singular Learning Path

Business Communication 

Third Edition ©2019


 Student Edition + MindTap™

(6-year access) 




 Student Edition + MindTap™

(1-year access) 



MindTap™ + VitalSource



(6-year access) 




Includes a pre and post Precision Examper unit purchased

Includes Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero



with MindTap™ digital access

Lehman, DuFrene

Tenth Edition ©2020 9780357026588

Combines an easy-reference textbook with

Chapter Review Cards and digital access to


MindTap™ is the digital learning solution that

powers students from memorization to mastery.

It gives you complete control of your course to

provide engaging content and to challenge your

students and to build their confidence

Offers expanded coverage on technology and

social media, online grammar tools, extra model

documents both online and in the text,

abundant real-world examples, and quizzes and

games to make reviewing interactive and fun

Shorter, comprehensive chapters in a modern

design present content in a more engaging and

accessible format without minimizing coverage

for your course

Updated ModelDocs reference section for

students, which includes many forms of business

communication, such as letters, resumes,

electronic messages, reports, proposals and

presentations and more

Softcover, 320 pages

This personal learning environment combines the

eBook and resources into a singular Learning Path


Tenth Edition ©2020

Student Edition + MindTap™

(6-year access) 



Student Edition + MindTap™

(1-year access) 



MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Essentials of Business Communication

Guffey, Loewy

Eleventh Edition ©2019 9781337711487

“Popular Writing Plans” guide students

step-by-step as they begin writing. This hallmark

feature summarizes the steps in creating every

type of business writing

Abundant, proven model documents use

descriptive callouts to direct students through

the writing process. Before-and-after documents

demonstrate chapter concepts and illustrate the

value of the revision process

A brief “Grammar/Mechanics Handbook” at the

end of the book offers a rapid, systematic review

of the basics. You’ll find a Grammar/Mechanics

Diagnostics quiz, a Grammar/Mechanics Profile,

and a concise review of the basic principles of

grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and

number style

“Office Insiders” accentuate the importance of

communication skills and demonstrate how

excellent skills translate into career success

Hardcover, 608 pages

This personal learning environment combines the

eBook and resources into a singular Learning Path

Essentials of Business Communication 

Eleventh Edition ©2019

Student Edition + MindTap™

(6-year access) 



Student Edition + MindTap™

(1-year access) 



MindTap™ + VitalSource



(6-year access) 



Annotated Instructor’s Edition 



Technical Writing for Success

Smith-Worthington, Jefferson

Fourth Edition ©2019 9781305948822

This engaging and practical approach to

workplace writing helps you guide students in

the process of thinking, listening, researching,

planning, composing, revising, and editing

documents for use in business, science, hi-tech,

and other demanding fields.

Packed with active learning features from

Cengage, this text makes it easy to show the

importance of regular writing practice as

students produce their own proposal content,

manual instructions, informative briefs, lab

reports, news releases, and other documents

they won’t see in general communications


Sample documents, critical thinking questions,

expanded content on oral presentations, and

insightful writing advice on style and voice add

to this inclusive text—empowering you

empower tomorrow’s best technical writers.

Hardcover, 544 pages

This personal learning environment combines the

eBook and resources into a singular Learning Path

Technical Writing for Success 

Fourth Edition ©2019

Student Edition + MindTap™

(6-year access) 



Student Edition + MindTap™

(1-year access) 



MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Business Math


Seventeenth Edition ©2010 9780538448734

Business Math, 17e, provides comprehensive

coverage of personal and business-related

mathematics. In addition to reviewing the basic

operations of arithmetic, students are prepared

to understand and manage their personal

finances, as well as grasp the fundamentals of

business finances.

Business Math prepares students to be smart

shoppers, informed taxpayers, and valued

employees. Basic math skills are covered in a

step-by-step manner, building confidence in

users before they try it alone.

Spreadsheet applications are available on the

Data Activities CD, and a simulation activity

begins every chapter.

Chapters are organized into short lessons for

ease of instruction and include algebra

connections, group and class activities,

communication skills, and career spotlights.

Hardcover, 656 pages

Business Math 

Seventeenth Edition ©2010

Student Edition 



Study Guide 



Instructor EditionWorkbook 



Instructor Wraparound Edition 



Business Math

Business Communications

Business Education

Grades 9–12