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Get hands-on in a safe, online environment.

• A cloud-based, highly personalized, learning environment

• Combines student learning tools—readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments—into a single

Learning Path

• 100% of students say MindTap™ is intuitive and easy to navigate

• Teachers easily customize learning tools for their students, seamlessly introducing their own content

MindTap™ for Computer Science courses offers auto-graded lab experiences for multiple

programming languages, practice for industry certifications, and hands-on experience for

their future careers

MindTap™ Coding Labs

MindTap™ Coding Labs offer hands-on coding experience for Java™, C++, Python™, and now HTML5 &

CSS3 in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that is embedded into the MindTap™ Learning

Path that allows students to build their confidence with writing and running code. These labs provide:

• Coding assignments mapped to each chapter of the text

• A custom-made IDE that doesn’t require any installation or plugins. Our IDE is designed to work with a

simplistic interface so students can focus on learning to code, not how to work within a new IDE

• Point-of-need support from auto-graded feedback

• Codey, your students’ personal coding assistant, a Chabot who can analyze code for bugs and issues,

explain coding terms and concepts, and score output based on the assignment instructions

MindTap™ Virtual Machine Labs

Virtual Machine Labs integrated into the MindTap™ Learning Path

expose students to real hardware and software labs that not only

develop their hands-on skills, but help them contextualize theory-based

concepts more easily. Students follow detailed lab guides located on

the same screen to work on their labs. These labs:

• Require no installation, allowing students to work directly with live

servers and networking hardware from their web browser

• Provide students with a live working environment via the Cloud, with

real servers and networks that they can explore, fail, and try again until

they succeed

• Were built by Practice Labs, a company who build simulations to retrain

professionals in the IT field

• Are available now for CompTIA


A+, Network+, Security+, and Linux+

courses, Microsoft




Server, and Computer Forensics and

Investigations courses

MindTap™ Lab Simulations

MindTap™ Lab Simulations offer a simulated environment for

students to practice newly learned tasks and concepts from

the book. These labs are not fully explorable, instead, students

are guided through the steps for solving each problem and are

notified when they make an incorrect attempt. Challenge Mode

offers less instruction and can be used as a quiz grade.

• “Show Me” option in Practice mode will present a video tutorial

of how to complete the current task

• “Challenge Mode” offers students little instruction and can be used as a quiz grade

• Teachers can pull detailed lab reports that detail their results for each concept and how

many attempts it took the student to complete each task.

MindTap™ IQ App

The MindTap™ IQ App is used for course areas where students commonly take

certification exams. IQ allows instructors to create custom certification practice exams

based on specific competencies so students will feel confident that they will pass the

exam and be one step closer to a future career.

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Information Technology

C O M P U T I N G & I N F O R M A T I O N T E C H N O L O G Y

Grades 9–12